November 19, 2017

Minnie Style with Loungefly

My love for polka dots is nothing surprising, but what is new is my Loungefly Minnie Mouse Cross Body Bag. It pairs perfectly with any outfit to add a little Minnie Style. It's such a cute little bag! The bow is an iridescent red and the body of the bag is quilted - even the little silver studs are in the shape of Mickey! The classic colors match just about anything and it's large enough to fit all your necessities - phone, lip gloss, etc.It's just a great way to add a little Disney magic to your every day.

November 17, 2017

Whimsical Holiday Projects: Anthropologie Inspired DIY Decor

Tis the season to decorate your home in overpriced holiday decor that you'll get to put up for maybe 30 days. If you are like me and you want all the sparkly things, but also have none of the monies, here are a few projects you may want to consider taking on. You know, in all that free time you have. I've updated version of the ever popular collection of Anthropologie Inspired DIY Projects I did a few years ago with all new projects for Christmas that I hope you'll like!

I love the glitter confetti filled ornaments above - they're colorful and sparkly, and everything I love.

I love this golden star advent calendar, or in this case, advent garland idea! Easy, inexpensive, interactive, and super cute.

These adorable paper trees are super cute and very easy to make, with only a few materials and a simple, free template.

I love this glam garland wreath. It is SO simple to make, I'm thinking of hanging one above our fireplace this year.

You can find direction on how to make your own sisal bottle brush trees here! It looks mildly time consuming, and potentially messy, but also really cool.

This Disco Ball Christmas tree is basically amazing. I can only imagine how incredible the reflections would be if this were in a room lit by a cozy fire and candle light!

If you love bottle brush trees (like me, obviously), but don't have the time to actually make your own, here are directions on how to transform cheap-o dollar store sisal trees into super cute whimsical decor.

Make your own tiny star garland. You can use it for wrapping presents, draping your tree, fireplace, or anything else you can think of.

I adore the pom poms on this cozy flannel throw! This project is slightly advanced, requiring a sewing machine, but I see no reason why you couldn't hand sew this blanket.

I love these handmade sequin ball ornaments! They remind me of the ornaments my grandmother use to make, and since it looks like a quick and easy project, I think I'm going to make a few this Christmas.

This sequin wreath is equal parts glamorous and totally over the top. The best part is that it's also pretty simple and mess free to make. Yes, I realize I have a thing for sequins. I'd even wear them more often if they photographed well. I'm basically my grandmother.

Use this cute Tassel Garland tutorial to make a festive garland for your tree, fireplace, or doorway with shimmery blush pink embroidery thread.

If you try any of these projects, please let me know!

November 13, 2017

Pops of Pink

Although I live in the Northeast and plaid is de rigueur for winter, I love to mix it up a bit. This wool plaid skirt from J.Crew is easily one of my new favorites for this season. It uses jewel tones as a fun way to add a little whimsical color to a traditional pattern. The vertical ruffle is a flattering detail that elongates your torso and legs, perfect for those of us who are on the more petite side.

November 9, 2017

5 Incredible Skincare Products Under $20

I got quite a few responses to my instastories on my love of skincare products. A lot of people were asking for advice on what products to use, so I've put together my 5 favorite skin care items under $20. I have dry skin that is prone to acne and my main concern is aging. When trying out skincare products my objective is to find the most effective product at the best price. All of these products are super easy to get - most I get off of Amazon Prime (free shipping for the win!).

Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic - $15
This stuff is fantastic. It is a 5% Glyolic Acid formula, meaning it is a relatively gentle alpha hydroxy acid. It works really well for treating and preventing whiteheads, as well as improving skin texture. You can either put it on a cotton ball or apply it directly on your face. you don't need much - one bottle has lasted 6 months for me, so it is a great deal for only $15! Depending on what your skincare routine looks like, you may use it every day or only a couple times a week. I use it almost every day, so I make sure I use moisturizers that improve the skin's barriers. You can pick this up in any Target!

CORSX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid - $15
I love this stuff. It's fantastic at loosening and getting rid of blackheads. I use it after I apply the Glow Tonic. A little goes a very, very long way, I figure I'll have one bottle for forever.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence - $19
My husband teases me relentlessly for this product and the fact that it's made from bee venom and snail juice, but I love it! I apply it after I use my prescriptions and any chemical exfoliates (AHAs and BHAs). It's a gel consistency with no scent and its great for hydrating your skin, helping rebuild your skin barrier, healing acne and fading scars. I tried going without it and missed it so much I have actually repurchased it several times. I use it all over my face, even in my eyes. One bottle lasted me about three months when used two times a day. BTW, no bees or snails are harmed in the making of this product!

Rosette Aqua Ceramide Gel - $14
I LOVE this product. You know how when you use a bunch of acne products (usually exfoliates or actives) your skin sometimes gets irritated and red and burns? That's because your skin barrier needs some help. This product is seriously amazing. I apply it at night after I everything and as long as I use it consistently, my skin barrier stays solid and I have no irritation or redness, regardless of all the medications, actives, and acids.

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream - $9
This is a really great lightweight moisturizer than you can use with other products or on its own. I use a heavy moisturizer at night, but this is the moisturizer I use in the morning and it's really great for anyone who has oily or combination skin, too. It's hydrating, absorbs quickly, and doesn't turn into an oil slick under makeup. It's also a great deal! A pea size amount is more than enough for me and $9  gets you TWO tubes!

Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil - $9
This is a great cleansing oil. It removes mascara and makeup with no problems. I always follow up with my Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleanser (my HG cleanser, full review here), so residue is not an issue for me, but it emulsifies (breaks down) easily in water and leaves your skin soft. It's a big bottle and lasts for months!