April 16, 2015

Spring Favorites at Boden

Today is the last day to get the Boden Gift Certificate deal on Rue La La (side note: I love Rue La La!). I have a Boden wishlist a mile long, so I was so excited when I saw this deal. For $35 you can get a $50 gift certificate and for $50 you can get a $70 gift certificate, i.e. $20 off! Trying to decide what I'm going to use it on has been no easy task. Here are a few of my Spring favorites:

Have you ever shopped at Boden, what was your experience?

P.S. Boden participates in Ebates, so if you're going to make a purchase, be sure you're logged in!

April 15, 2015

Sometimes, It's Worth Paying for the Little Things

Our invitations are going out today!
We are finally sending our wedding invitations out today. It is amazing how long it takes to make a decision on the smallest things when it comes to a wedding. We went back and forth so many times on choosing our invitations. We had a plethora of samples sent to us, debated traditional versus nontraditional, contemplated making our own, and learned all about the stationary and printing industry. In the end we went with Minted for one simple reason: They print your address on the front for free.

Yes. That was the ultimate deciding factor when it came to our invitations. I mean, sure the design is beautiful and I love them (more to come on that later), but after hand addressing our Save the Dates, which also came from Minted, I was so over the entire process. The frustration of getting to the last digit in a zipcode only to make a mistake and start over did me in. Not only was it annoying, but Save the Dates and invitations are NOT cheap. Every time a Save the Date had to be thrown out due to a handwritten typo, a little piece of my soul went with it. Not to mention that after 60 something invitations, my hand felt (and looked) like a mangled mess. In the end, Tony got drafted in to finish the Save the Dates because I lost both patience and motor control.

Our Save the Dates
So yes, after months of debating designs, paper thickness, foil versus embossing versus letterpress, we went with Minted because they would print the address for us. Now, this is not traditional. Tradition dictates that we should have had each envelope hand addressed in black ink by a professional calligrapher. However, it's the 21st Century and we're also two kind of poor academics.

Minted prices were comparable to other websites and even to private stationary and letterpress companies, but I'll be honest, even if we would have had to pay more, it would have definitely been worth it. If it saves you some sanity and only costs a few extra pennies, go for it!

April 13, 2015

Monday Morning Monograms

Since I was on a hiatus for the last year, there are quite a few things that happened that never made it to the blog. Included in this is our annual Rhode Island Beach Weekend and a few acquisitions in the jewelry and wardrobe department.

Making it's debut on the blog is my new signet ring. I'm particularly pleased about this ring since my monogram will be changing a bit after the wedding and I think it's nice to have a monogram from pre-wedding day to wear on my right hand. No one really does four initial rings (I'm not dropping my last night, I'm just going to keep adding on to it!), anyway.

The name change was a topic of major debate in our household. I was really adamant about keeping my last name, while it was really important that we have the same name for Tony...while simultaneously he wasn't willing to alter his name in anyway. Funny how that works, right ladies? He also felt that it was important that I keep my last name for professional reasons but wanted me to have his last name in our personal life. While this might seem like a good compromise, I wasn't really enthusiastic about this option. After all, why should I have to balance two identities? I may wear different hats, but it's always the same person wearing them! On top of that, you KNOW there's a 99% chance that when we go to a parent teacher conference, he'll get to be Dr. and I'll end up being Mrs. And let me tell you, if you've spent 10 years working on a doctorate, you'll be really peeved when one of you gets to be Doctor and the the other isn't (and for the record, I don't correct people in every day life when they refer to me as Miss or Ms, but if he's going to get to be Doctor, I want to be, too!).

In the end, I decided that I'll be adding his name to my last name. No hyphen, just two last names, bringing the grand total of names up to four. Will I be changing my name professionally? I haven't decided yet. Tony doesn't think I should, but seeing as I don't have any divorce plans in the future and I'm relatively young in my chosen profession, I don't see why not. Also, I might add that adding his name gives me a much more balanced monogram!...provided I just omit my middle name completely. Having a "w" on either side of your monogram really throws the proportions off! The symmetry of JTL is just too pleasing to the eye to pass up (only mild sarcasm, because it's pretty much true!).

So what do you think ladies, would you consider changing your name for marriage or have you changed your name?

You can get the same ring from Personalized from Me to You, who is running a sale right now (20% off!) on their Monogrammed Sterling Silver Horizontal Oval Rings. I'm also a big fan of the  Monogrammed Sterling Silver Oval Ring Braided Trim Ring.