November 29, 2018

Changing Seasons

Thanksgiving always marks the end of fall and the beginning of winter for me. Of course, living in Buffalo means that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, we have usually already had a few snow falls, but this year we had the benefit of a long summer and a late, although short fall. For me, it doesn't matter the time of year, as soon as the weather dips below 50 degrees, I break out my trapper hats and plaid! Like most people born and raised in the northeast, L.L. Bean remains a staple of my wardrobe, along with Democracy jeans and a solid pair of boots.

November 15, 2018

Fall Beauty Roundup

Fall and spring are typically when I do a major skincare overhaul. Not surprisingly, I always seem to run out of everything around the same time and October and November are usually when I decide whether or not I want to repurchase products or replace them for the upcoming winter season. I do change my skincare routine for each season and I also like to try out new products. Usually I purchase a sample size and like to use it for at least a few weeks before deciding to but a larger or full sized bottle. Of course, Ulta AND Sephora have both had recent sales, and in fact the Sephora Beauty Insider sale (15% off) is going on right now!

November 6, 2018

Vote for Women - Mrs. Banks Disneybound

This was not done intentionally, I didn't go into this Disbound thinking I would be making any sort of political statement, in fact, this entire outfit was inspired when I saw this J.Crew Factory ruffle skirt and it immediately reminded me of Mrs. Banks from Mary Poppins. But here I am, and I am living for this look! My favorite part about this versatile outfit is that without the sash, it's completely appropriate for wearing to work!

July 9, 2018

Gondelier Chic

Well, I have to say, I was attempting to Disneybound as Smee with this outfit, but I think it came out a little more like Gondelier Goofy. No worries, because Gondelier Chic is one of my favorite looks! I absolutely love this Vineyard Vines Striped Linen Shirt and have been living in it all summer. It's extra long, so it's perfect for tying at the waist or wearing over leggings.