August 13, 2011

Crafty Business

My record for making a baby blanket at this point is two years, so I suppose getting two done in 5 months isn't too bad. I made these for Tony's little brother and sister and managed to send both blankets off around their 6 month birthday, so holla to that.

Sorry these pictures are boring as hell. I was really not impressed with the pastel selection, but apparently pastels are what you give babies.

Likewise, it is apparently cliche to go with pink and blue, so I went with green and yellow (yes, twins, a boy and a girl)...Personally I think that's silly. Let it be known that if I have a daughter I will shower her in pink (of the neon variety) and if I have a son he can be decked out in all the blue in the world.

My reflections on this project:
  • Crocheting blankets is a much better decision over knitting them. Fo' reals.
  • Sewing a satin border on looks pretty but is a bitch.
    • The lacy pattern and fluffy yarn were a bitch with the sewing machine so I had to sew them by hand, which I semi suck at.
    • I have no freaking clue how to miter a corner so I just kind of winged it...which came out alright, but if you don't really know what you're doing (like me) I don't recommend it because it adds hours upon hours onto the project.
What do I think of giving handmade gifts? It's kind of a toss up. Handmade gifts take SO much time and effort. Some people do not appreciate them, they'd rather get a Burberry scarf or something trendy. Those people are not worthy of your time. For those people just run to the mall the day before Christmas and you'll be fine. However, I really like giving handmade gifts, and I hope the people who receive them enjoy them and use them for many years.

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