August 22, 2011

Dying Days of Summer

Anyone who lives in the northeast, and dare I say, particularly upstate new York, knows that the beginning of August signals the end of summer. It's a sad truth. Soon we'll be wearing jeans and hoodies instead of tank tops and shorts. This is particularly unfortunate as I no longer have any pants that fit (I blame a combination of relationship weight and spinning).

It is, however, fortunate in that when I asked my hairdresser friend to allow me (yes, you know what I'm talking about here) to go back to being a true brunette, I did not receive much of an argument. Although it's darker than I intended, I'm rather pleased with the result.

I figure that by October I'll have lost most of my tan and should make a passable Snow White. Although I'm planning on going as Tinkerbell for the Disney Half Marathon in February, I might have to reconsider (that thought lasted five minutes, I will always pink pom poms and wings over crappy apples and super short dudes, sorry).

Lux also enjoyed the brief sunshine (it rained moments later), as well as chasing around unsuspecting honeybees. 

I was happy to get another chance to wear my favorite summer top (It's been terribly flattering all throughout my weight gain, in fact it may be my best friend). I hate it when Free People makes clothing that redeems themselves in my eyes (unlike this thing - seriously if you wear that in public the internet will collectively disown you). Whenever that happens my ESP kicks in and I miraculously become able to predict cash flow issues in my future.

Sadly, however, seems that the adorable bunnies living in our flower garden have chosen to relocate to a new flower bed. Kids, they grow up so fast!

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