August 4, 2011

Like Anyone Really Cares About Practical

SO, I'm on my twenty or something blog. I'm pinning all my dreams on Blogger. Dear Blogger, please get me through this with your ease of use and accessibility!

In more relevant, or at least more interesting news, Yoox is having a sale. Although when aren't they having a sale? Naturally I am trolling, marking all my favorites for my window shopping wishlist while watching a Bravo marathon of The Millionaire Matchmaker (classy). Or at least that was the plan until I saw these Gianni Marra feather sandals.

& you're more than half off? Schwing!

My biggest shopping dilemma is always shoes. They're the bane of my existence, or at least my wallet. I LOVE heels. My feet do not. I continuously purchase heels that I do not wear. It is tragic. So I'm turning over a new leaf.

NO MORE HEELS.  (I can hear my 6'4" boyfriend weeping from here)

My new mantra:
From now on I will dedicate myself to finding adorable and functional shoes.
I will wear these shoes on a regular basis.
They will not sit in my closet (next to my 5" mary jane Fryes & 4" Michael Kors heels, which both sit very nicely on the shelf in their dust bags).
I will not spend my money on cute cheep heels that I will not really wear.

Am I alone here? Does anyone else face this dilemma?

Say it with me, cute flats exist! Practical pretty is out there!

So until a truly comfortable heel is invented I'm going to do my best to stick to flats.
Oddly enough, boots, even those that are 3+ inches are more comfortable than their pump counterparts.

That being said...anyone know where I can find some comfy heels?


  1. I have a few pairs of comfy heels... but you'll have to be willing to $$$ :)

  2. I KNOW but even my Frye heels are not that comfy! I hear that Kork-ease makes great shoes, but quite a few of them are a little to hippie and/or old lady for me.


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