August 7, 2011

L.L. Bean Signature

Has anyone else seen the new L.L. Bean Signature Fall Collection? I don't usually get L.L. Bean in the mail, but for some reason they just knew I was going to like this collection and sent me a catalog. Or someone in the data mining business sold them my information after realizing I spent the majority of my clothing budget at J.Crew. Who knows. I prefer to think it was the psychic powers of the universe pooling together to bring me British revival.

I'm eagerly awaiting some reviews of these pants. While I know it's a cardinal rule that no one looks good in tapered pants, some weird part of me wants to love them.

They just look so good with those heels! Unfortunately, you probably need to be 5'11" to pull them off. Why can't there be more designs with petites in mind (that being said L.L. Bean Signature does have some petite pants and like, one skirt)?

And this shirt...a cotton wool blend, totally awesome, yet why can't you be a V neck? Us short ladies always look better in V necks, not to mention they're totes flattering to the bust!

Lord knows I'm a sucker for wool. You can't live in Upstate and not have a closet full of it. When you're warm you're less miserable, and that improves not only your quality of life but, as any boyfriend and significant other will attest to, also the lives of those around you.

I don't know, what do you think internet, can these styles be pulled off by individuals of average American female height (that's 5'4", for those of you not in the know). Yes? No? Maybe? I'm just skeptical of investing without reviews from shorties like myself. Although I probably could just get off my bum and trek to the local L.L. Bean and see if any of these are in the store.

Tony is also a big fan. I have to say, having a boyfriend who takes an active interest in what their wearing (yet is also straight, what a find!), is kind of awesome. It means I never have to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes and that I have a shopping partner whenever I want to hit the outlets.

These are his favorite picks for the fall, and being 6'4" he undoubtedly would look great in them. Curse you, tall people.

Here's another dilemma. WHICH SHOES TO GET? I've been thinking about the Ugg Adirondack Tall boots for a while now (either those or the Ugg Smithfield Boot, which I think I could find if I trolled ebay long enough), yet L.L. Bean's 16" Maine Hunting Shoe is SO similar, and slightly more rustic looking, as well as a few pennies less. So which aesthetic do I go with? And more importantly, which boot has the better performance (Trust me, no one wants cold wet toes. Ick).

So, what's your pick?


  1. As a 5'2" person, I inherently fear LLBean clothing. :(

  2. Seriously, it's like everything is made for giants these days. I buy a pair of jeans and have to cut off, literally, a foot, what the hell!


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