August 7, 2011

Marmora Cafe, Troy NY

Yesterday Tony (still searching for a nom de plume) and I went to Marmora Cafe in Downtown Troy. It doesn't matter what you order there, it will look and taste amazing. Seriously. Anything. It's by far and away my favorite place to eat in Troy, and the best middle eastern restaurant in the Capital District. And an extra bonus, it's really not that expensive at all.
Mmm falafel platter with a few added extras. They seriously have some of the best falafels I've ever had. Added tidbit of knowledge: The owner and chef is a former engineer (but aren't they always?)

I got the Mediterranean platter. One of the best things about Marmora is that they have so many delicious vegetarian options. And they're also really nice about making substitutions, like when I want taziki sauce on my falafel wrap, even when they are clearly skeptical about the request.

I spent the first half of the meal annoying the shit out of Tony by taking photos of him eating. It's his own fault for giving me the camera.


  1. HA i ate there today for the first time and sat at the same table! i agree, the falafel was AMAZING and the price was decent. yum.

  2. Yeah, it's totally the best!


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