August 17, 2011

Style Icon: Daphne Guinness

Aside from having a pretty awesome name, being an heiress to the Guinness family and making a killing off her divorce to Spyros Niarchos, Daphne Guiness is one hell of a style icon. Seriously. She was on the International Best Dressed in the 90s and I think she's been rocking it since.

I love that she's a wealthy heiress with punk ass hair, crazy ass clothes and tons of class. Unlike so many other fashion icons, you don't see in tabloids her drunk falling down (huzzah!).

Oh, she is also 43 and three kids. I really love mom's that are badass, it gives me hope for the future.

How amazing is this body stocking? It reminds me of the body painting in one of my most favorite movies back when Brendan Fraser was attractive and Rachel Weisz, was just as hot as ever. If I had the body and the balls I'd totally wear this...not exactly where to, but count me in.

Here are some recent articles and interviews with Daphne ~

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