September 12, 2011

30 Things to Do In Autumn

Autumn. I love the word but am cautious to use it. It's like the pretentious fancy people's version of fall. People from Upstate New York are generally not fancy. We wear flannel (another fall activity), go to county fairs and know what cows smell like. But it sounds oh, so pretty. I'm totally a summer girl, but here are a few things that I look forward to in fall.
Leaf peeping
Go apple picking
Bake an apple pie, apple crisp, or applesauce!
Go on a hayride (preferably haunted)
Visit a corn maze
Make a Halloween costume
Go pumpkin picking
Carve a pumpkin!
Roast pumpkin seeds
Have a bonfire
Tell ghost stories
Make mulled apple cider (& drink while sitting around the fire telling ghost stories)
Rake leaves into piles and then go for it (and by that I mean jump...)
Press your favorite leaves between contact paper, wax paper or glass
Plant bulbs for spring
Make a scarecrow
Plant and decorate with mums
Make a fall wreath
Make a stew and enjoy with crusty bread
Gorge yourself on apple cider donuts
Make a garland of fall leaves and flowers for your porch
Get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks
Make baked apples
Go on a hike (cooler temperatures mean less bugs!)
Make candy apples
Make a pine cone bird feeder
Take one last camping trip
Snuggle in front of a fire
Start any handmade Christmas presents
Go on a Sunday drive and pack a picnic


  1. i like... i'd also add go to a rowing regatta :)

  2. Yes! Great idea, much more fun to watch than participate in (at least when it's November)

  3. I love going to antique stores or primitive shops during the fall too...they always feel so cozy and homespun this time of year!


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