September 8, 2011

Outfit: First Day of School

Remember the first day of school? I have so many pictures of god awful 80s and 90s outfits taken by my mother. I'd like to think my first day outfits have somewhat improved, but I'm pretty sure I'll feel just as ashamed 15 years from now as I do about my 8th bob, grade denim scort and brown leather clogs. Ick. At least I had a better tan back then.

[Free People Frock Coat; J. Crew Gingham Perfect Shirt; Paper, Denim, Cloth jeans; Fossil Gold Flats; Sanfanblissco Earrings]

Had to go to the doctor today, I have officially gained 16.6 lbs from last year. These pants must be made of some magic shit, I've had them since like...2007 and it seems that no matter what I weight they miraculously fit. Amazing. I highly recommend Paper, Denim, Cloth to everyone...however, be forewarned that if you are of an average height you're going to have to get them hemmed. I had to take off 12 inches, no joke.

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