September 13, 2011

Outfit: New and Old

Sorry for the moderately crappy photos. I'm not sure if I mentioned it to the blogssphere, but The Boyfriend and I moved in together last week and things are still a little hectic. A number of items that are currently MIA in another town include my yoga mat, my tripod and numerous pairs of shoes. In the mean time I've had to make do with piling furniture in order to prop up my camera. Apologies.

[Michael Kors Petites Shirt; Thrifted Wool Skirt; Thrifted Belt; La Mer Watch; Ralph Lauren Sequin Flats; Iolite Earrings picked up in Montezuma, Costa Rica; Lux Crazy Cat]

This skirt has been a Fall/Winter staple of mine and cost all of $2 at Salvation Army. Last year I found a little hole in it, but it's covered by the belt, which is another Salvation Army find that I wear all the time. I picked up this shirt on sale at Macy's well over a year a go and this is my first time wearing it, I have, and I'm pretty pleased with how it looks. My shoes were probably something like $40 at Marshalls and are ridiculously uncomfortable. I've worn them maybe 2 or 3 times and have never managed to break them in. 

The earrings I picked up in a little surf town called Montezuma in Costa Rica. I wear them all the time, they're fantastic and were handmade by a local resident. I love to pick up things to remember my travels by and jewelry and scarfs are compact and practical.

The most expensive thing in this outfit was my watch, which was a gift. I LOVE this watch. I wear it all the time, with everything. It's also been one of the biggest disappointments. I think it retails for something like $110, and within a few weeks part of the stitching around the leather had frayed and within few months of having it the silver chain had already become tarnished. No problem, I thought, I have a warranty! Well what do you know, the warranty only covers the watch, no manufacturing defects of the band! I would have bought loads more of these watches since I think they are a great combination of punk rock and class, but for the price and quality I'm more inclined to look elsewhere for something similar.


  1. ahhh the cat is posing with its arm on his hip just like you! PS- I just procrastinated at work by reading every single one of your blog posts.

    1. Hahaha I just looked at that - she's so sassy!


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