September 4, 2011

Sanfranbilssco I'm Gonna Give You All My Monies

Okay, the first pair of earrings I got from Sanfranblissco (they were a gift) I had to return. They were gorgeous, but just too heavy. I've had my ears pieced since I was a youngin' and I spent my elementary school years wearing gigantic heavy earrings. Consequently my piercings are already stretched out, so I try and keep things light these days. This can be problematic because I also love big jewelry - giant rocks as necklaces and big earrings are my trademark.

Sanfranbilssco was awesome enough to let me exchange the earrings, even though it literally took me months. You know how it goes. I exchanged them for their Flair Earrings with sterling silver hooks and I think I can safely say I haven't taken them off since. I wear them all the time, everywhere, with everything.

These earrings are so awesome. They look substantial without weighing a ton. They go with everything, they've got some tribal flair and they are an anthropologists dream (I've recently decided my fashion style is "Anthropologist Chic," it goes along really well with my interior design preference for "British Explorer." Yes, Anthropologist Chic includes flannel.). The only problem I have now is in picking out my next pair - I'm leaning towards the Butterfly Bliss Earrings in Bone and Silver.

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