September 2, 2011

The Fountain Cafe, Port Townsend, WA

I study whales. Kind of. I study whaling. It's complicated. But regardless, the point is that I go out to the Olympic Peninsula every now and then. And I have yet to see a whale. Seriously, I've probably spent about a month living on the coast out here and I've never seen a freaking whale. I decided that it was time to step in and give nature a hand, so I signed up for the nearest whale watching tour, which happened out of Port Townsend, Washington.

I wish had more time to spend in this little town, because it is absolutely adorable! The whale watch took all day, but afterward I was walking around a bit (not really, I was just walking to food, I have a one track mind) and I saw so many little vintage and consignment shops that I would have loved to rummage through. Instead I had to content myself with a dinner at The Fountain Cafe before my hour plus long drive back to Port Angeles.

The Fountain Cafe has great reviews online, so I had some fairly high expectations. But not too high, because you must realize, this is kind of the middle of nowhere. Since I was determined to eat there I didn't really look at the menu before I say down, and I have to say I got a little nervous when I saw the specials - not a single one was vegetarian.

To my great relief there were a few vege options on the menu. Since I had been eating pasta all week I decided to mix it up and go with the risotto. Yes, by mix it up I mean "go with a slightly different grain." This was a big mix up for me since I am generally not a fan of mushrooms and I have a hatred for tomato seeds, so a Mushroom Risotto with stewed tomatoes was a bit of a gamble. It paid off well because it was delicious!

I think the pine nuts and fresh parmesan were totally key. In an effort to save room for dessert I only ate half and happily enjoyed the leftovers for lunch the next day. For dessert I went with the Ginger Creme Brûlée. Ok, I'm not terribly picky but I do have one thing that drives me crazy when it comes to brûlée. Burnt Sugar. Seriously. What is even the point? This brûlée was amazing, but no brûlée, no matter how awesome, tastes nearly as good as it can when you have the taste of burnt sugar in your mouth.

Mr. Darcy (I told you I was looking for an alternative name, I'm stuck between 'Mr. Darcy' and 'Mr. Right' - Mr. Right makes more sense, Mr. Darcy is less sensical, but cuter) is a big believer in sending back brûlées with burnt sugar crusts. I am a big believer in not wanting spit in my food, so I usually just go with it. Unfortunately this problem happens more often than it in, I think it's happened every time I've gotten brûlée this year. Burnt sugar aside, this dessert was fantastic. The ginger was not too overpowering, like crystalized ginger. Instead it was more like a ginger ice cream type ginger, smooth and delicious.

All together my entree, dessert and a sparkling cider was somewhere in the neighborhood of $22, and I would definitely recommend The Fountain Cafe if you are in the area. I also have to say, I really wish Mr. Darcy could have joined me here. Not only do I think that he would have really enjoyed the food, I would have loved to been able to partake in a little alcoholic refreshment (as the menu and servers were knowledgeable about wine pairings) and coerced him into driving my stupefied self home. Alas, it was not to be.

By the way, if we're going to be technical here, I still haven't seen a whale. Just a bunch of orcas. I love orcas, but they're actually dolphins. So not I have a million photos of Shamu dorsal fins. The true meaning of Whale Fail.

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