October 9, 2011

Bride and Groom Candy Apples (Not as complicated as you think!)

So the other day I mentioned how I made a bazillion Bride and Groom Candy Apples for a friend's Bridal Shower. If you are looking to do them yourself here are some helpful hints. Regardless, they tasted delicious, so if you're looking to just make yourself some tasty treats these are one excellent way to go.

Things You Need:
Sticks (don't use lollipop sticks like I did, instead go with popsicle sticks)
White Chocolate (I used Wilton chocolate melts)
Dark Chocolate (Again, I went with Wilton melts)
Plastic Baggies (if you're going for the fancy kind)

It's a pretty straight forward process...

Put your sticks in your apples. If you are like me and screw up by having lollipop sticks (I'm not the one who bought them), then you have to break out a screw driver because the sticks won't go in on their own. No worries, hand tools only, leave the power tools in the closet. Tools of the trade folks.

You basically need 3 Tablespoons of milk for every 14oz of caramel. The more milk you add the thinner and more drippy your caramel will be. I heated mine in the microwave on defrost, stirring ever 30 seconds or so until it was melted all the way through.

Dip your apples and set them either on a buttered sheet pan or on aluminum foil. I let mine sit over night, but if you put them in the fridge they will set much more quickly. If you do not want to do the chocolate layers you can also dip the apples into other toppings (like nuts, crushed oreos, etc) before the caramel has set and then pop them in the fridge.

Place about 14oz of white chocolate chips in a microwaveable bowl and heat on defrost, stirring every 30 seconds or so until melted all the way through. Dip your apples once more. Again, you can set them on a buttered cookie sheet or foil. If you put them in the fridge they will set in about 5 minutes, otherwise it will take considerably longer on the counter top. I also found that the white chocolate gave a very thick layer (much more so than either the caramel or the dark chocolate).

Let it be known that caramel and white chocolate are an excellent combination. If you are doing a Halloween theme the white candy apples would make adorable and delicious ghosts!

After the white chocolate has set melt the dark chocolate using the same method as above. I find out to be a little tricky to make the tuxedos. The best bowl for dipping seems to be a more shallow one, as the chocolate gets lower it definitely becomes more difficult to make uniform tuxedos.

In order to do the decorations on the Bride apples I simply filled a plastic baggie with melted white chocolate, snipped the tip off and drizzled.

In order to do the bow ties and buttons I used the same plastic baggie method, but made sure to only make the tiniest corner snip in order to get a fine point. I found it was easier to draw on the buttons and bow tie after the tuxedo had set.


p.s. I think that photo looks like the old fashioned Farmer and His Wife photo. They just need a pitch fork

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