January 25, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Wreath

Yes, I know I'm a bit early, no, I don't care.

Unless you live in the Northeast you have no idea what winter is like after New Year's Day. No more festive music and lights. No more appetizers to gorge yourself on. Instead you can look forward to 3 (if you're lucky) more months of gray dampness, with occasionally bone chilling winds. You're unlikely to see your friends for the next several months because no one leaves their house unless they have to. The only socialization that will occur is that of inviting one another over for dinner, or perhaps to watch some football. Follow through on pre-arranged plans is about 50/50, since snow, rain, sleet and that delightful combination known as "a wintry mix" likes to totally eff up anything fun you might have had in mind. People drink at home, alone, because, honestly, who really feels like bundling up and stumbling around drunkenly in -5 degree weather? Only the most dedicated of college students, that's who.

So up here we embrace our holidays early. Because we have nothing else to do.

Inspired by this wreath on pinterest, I decided to cut up some old clothes I've had lying around for about, no joke 13 years. This wreath is made from an Old Navy skirt I use to wear in high school (children's size 14, HA) and some pajama pants. It actually took more fabric than I had anticipated (and by anticipated, I mean I didn't have any other light pink clothes to hack apart) and it took me a few days to find the cheapest pink fabric possible, because that's how I roll. Also, now that I'm looking at it, mine is about ten times more fluffy than my inspiration. 

I was extremely excited about this project because I have a not so secret love for pink and anything girlie, particularly doilies. I am about 5 seconds away from modge podging them onto every surface in our apartment. Tony would love that. (Side note: Brilliant idea, these are totally going in all of our windows, like happy little Valentine's Day snowflakes).

I kind of love it, although I think the hearts are a bit out of proportion. However, I cannot be bothered to fix that, so it shall remain as is. Also, this project instilled in me a new found love for spray adhesive. That shit works for everything, on everything.

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