February 24, 2012

30 Days of Yoga Challenge: Done!

Well, I'm done with me 30 Days of Yoga. I'll be honest, there were two days at the end where I did not actually practice yoga...and truly, I have no reason for not having done so! Aside from the fact that I just plain did not want to. I thought to myself, yoga is suppose to be enjoyable, I don't feel particularly well, I'm just not going to do it. And I was rather at peace with the situation.

What have I learned? First of all, given the fact that I wasn't in particularly good shape, this challenge was rather ambitious, so overall I'm pleased with how things turned out. Having finished, I think that for me in particular, it would be more beneficial to practice hot yoga several times a week, rather than everyday. HAVING to practice every day rather takes the wind and the motivation out of me. I still have a few more days left of my month long pass at E-studio, so I'll keep going there for a while, however, once that is completed I think I'll try out the other hot studios in the area.

On a more practical level, the consistent working out has obviously been beneficial to both my yoga practice and my body.

I've accomplished things I've never done before in yoga. If you follow me on twitter at all, then you might know that I've accomplished all sorts of yoga poses I've never been remotely close to before. Okay, I admit, I've only pulled these poses off a couple times each, and for about 3 seconds at a time, but nevertheless, I did them!

Bakasana aka Crow, I can hang out here for a while now.

Parsva Bakasana...yeah can't stay here long, but I can still do it on both sides, yay!

Flying Crow Pose - Eka Pada Galavasana. Yeah, I can do this (even if it's only on the right side!)!

Astavakrasana, Eight Angle Pose...unfortunately I keep falling on my face when I do it on the left side, but still!

Okay, so these are all things I can do, and am getting better at. Crow in particular - prior to my little challenge I couldn't really pull it off at all, so you can imagine that it's really nice to see that within a month I've managed to go from falling over after .5 seconds to being able to hang out for quite a while. I'd take pictures for you, but it takes me about 100 tries to get a decent self portrait, and quite frankly I can't keep any of the poses long enough. Except maybe crow. We'll see.

On a more practical level, I've also lost several pounds...I'd say somewhere from 3 to 5, but I've also toned up a bit because I've also managed to reclaim a couple pairs of pants that I couldn't fit into before. I mean, I fit into them, and many more, a year ago...but I suppose this is making some progress, right? Hopefully, since I plan on keeping up my workouts (at least in some way and on some level), I'll be able to fit into them even more comfortable, and hopefully be able to expand my wardrobe even more with pants that are currently cast out of my closet in disgrace.

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