February 5, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Nail Laquer - Worth the Money?

 The other day I was shopping with my friend Kassandra, who I haven't seen in forever (she moved to Italy, met the love of her life [because that's what happens in Italy], and has since become a professional makeup artist in Milan). We were hitting up all the local makeup counters and boutiques, looking for a new foundation for her sister and brushing up on our product knowledge of what's out there and selling right now.

As K tried on a Laura Mercier foundation for the fifth time, I wandered around what is probably the most "high end" makeup store in our area, Circles. That's when I came across their collection of Deborah Lippman Nail Varnishes. The color selection wasn't huge like OPI, and the look about half the size, but I was instantly taken with several colors, most notably "Do Ya Think Im Sexy," which has big giant dots of red glitter (oh, what do you know, apparently that was their inspiration, I'd say they totally hit it). Basically lit looks like a Jessica Rabbit dress for your nails. Apparently it came out with their 2011 Holiday Collection, but I think it would be awesome for Valentine's Day, too. Although I have to say, the reviews + comments are pretty harsh.

I'm also digging Candy Shop in the middle. Looks like cotton candy. Yum.

Circles is the kind of place that doesn't put price tags on things, and since I'm a thrifty grad student I figured better safe than sorry and refrained from purchasing, since I didn't want to get snowballed at checkout. I mean, yes, I am in love with this polish, but I can find OPI for $5 a bottle at the local unisex salon, I didn't need to spend $10 on a bottle of pretty glitter. Not to mention most polish lasts about 2 days maximum on my mails, and I'm also now into getting french gel manicures anyway. I bookmarked the brand and decided to look it up at home.

Um, yeah, good thing I didn't get that nail polish because it's $17 a bottle! The reviews for the brand all seem pretty good, but oh my god, $17 a bottle. And that was already on sale, other places have them listed at $18 and even $20 a bottle.

I'm scouring the internet looking for a deal, because I loved the colors, especially that big gaudy chunk red glitter, but someone please tell me -

Is this nail polish really worth the price?

Images via Makeup and Beauty Blog


  1. that is when you find a manicurist that carries the brand!

    1. Excellent idea! Apparently after I posted this an acquaintance bought the colors I wanted, I'll have to invite her and her nail polishes over...

  2. i've been wondering if deborah lippmann nail polish is worth it too! i love candy shop...but yeah $17's a little steep. i think i've even seen them for up to $25 online. way too much!

    1. I know! I have hard time buying OPI at full price (which is why I don't...haha). The bottles are also really small! I think these polishes are just not made for people who have average salaries and student loans lol


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