February 27, 2012

Got Some New Loot! LUSH Massage Bar Reviews

So I got some new LUSH loot the other day with a gift card my sister had given me for Christmas. It's literally been years since I ordered any LUSH offline and I was hoping they had changed their shipping policy, but nope. Even though there are many stores in the United States, including one a few hours away from me, my order was shipped literally across the continent from British Columbia to Upstate New York. That's literally as far apart from one another as you can get in North America. Not to mention it takes time to go through customs and such. The whole process took about 10 days and who knows how much oil. I'm definitely back to not ordering online.

My order consisted of a bunch of Mud Flats soap (love it, works wonders with KP), Alkmaar soap (also love it, but it goes super fast), Hottie massage bar, and Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar. Here are my reviews of those massage bars, as well as others that I've tried.

LUSH tins are nice, but a plastic baggie is more effective.

Bewitched -Okay, I really like this scent a lot and would definitely repurchase this bar. It does have a very lime scent, but I liked it, it's much more subtle than Each Peach. I thought it was nice for both a summer scent as well as for use before bed. I got it quite some time ago and I feel like it didn't melt and absorb as well as other massage bars, but at the same time, many of the other bars melt really fast. I think that an ex boyfriend swiped it, which I'm still peeved about, so I think I'll give it a try again when I run out of my current massage bars.

Each Peach (And Two's a Pair) - I have a mini bar of this from a gift set and I really like it..although I don't think it smells like a peach at all. It's super bright and citrus. It's excellent for waking you up from brain fog. I very much like the scent and moisturizing of this bar - also, the scent will stay with you the entire day, so if you wear perfume you might want to think about forgoing it for that day or choosing something that will go well with it. I am most inclined to use it in the mornings and/or in the summer. It's very crisp and fresh, and in the winter I'd prefer something that had some more warmth and musk to it, but it's great for the summer.

Hottie Massage Bar - So I used this the other day...I wasn't a big fan of the scent, but the description said "Aromatherapists recommend black pepper oil for poor circulation and aching muscles. We use it in Hottie for the radiating warmth of the oil," so I thought I would give it a try since I have had some back pain lately. Personally, I didn't feel any benefits or "radiating warmth" from the black pepper oil. Not to mention the nubby parts melted most of the way off after one good use, so its not like you can really work any knots out with them. I'm also not yet convinced it's actually doing anything special for my sore muscles. However, it did work great for lubrication and skin moisturizing. That being said, since the only benefit of it is as a standard massage bar, in the future I won't repurchase and instead I'll go with a bar that has a scent I like more.

Sore Labours - So how weird is it that when I went to the website to get the link my official review for this massage bar was featured? BANANAS! Here's what I said " I love this! I used this the morning after my first workout of the season (the kind that leaves you unable to sit down or go up and down stairs), and felt SO much better. My only wish is that it was larger so that I could rub it all over my body! It is kind of little =/ It also made me smell like chai tea for the entire day."That's all true. I love this scent (chair tea), and I do find it soothing for my muscles. I would use it as a regular lotion as well, especially in the winter. My only complaint is that it is half the size of a regular massage bar but is just as expensive, if not more.

Neither looks nor smells like a strawberry.

Strawberry Feels Forever - This massage bar has excellent reviews, but I'm not convinced. I haven't used it yet but be warned, it doesn't really smell like real strawberries. At all. Instead it smells like fake strawberries from a scratch 'n sniff. A few of the reviews on the website mentioned this, but also gave it super high ratings - it's got a 4.4/5 and 190 reviews. I, on the other hand, find the scent to be kind of barfy. Tony is NOT a fan of the scent at all, so I don't think he would appreciate me (and our sheets) smelling like an '80s strawberry scented plastic toy. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Some reviews say it soothes itchy skin so I might try it out, or I might give it away.Oh, as a side note, the bar itself is kind of ugly, it's like a faded orangey pink, like something you left out in the sun too long, definitely not the pretty light pink on the website.

Therapy - This bar did not appeal to me at all. I'm not even sure how I ended up with it or why I would buy it. Now, I am typically not a lavender fan, so that is probably why. The main scent is the cocoa butter, which I generally like, but honestly you can get that scent in just about any cocoa butter lotion, which you'll probably get more of for less cost. I guess the moisturizing properties of this bar might outweigh the scent for most, but I have no desire to smell like that all day. I've heard that the new 100% organic version of this bar also has orange oil in it, so maybe it's improved the scent?

I am editing this to add that tonight we learned that Tony is extremely allergic to Each a Peach (he was giving me a foot massage because he is amazing). Good thing it was only on his hands!


  1. I like using the massage bars in place of regular lotion during the winter. Mange Too and Heavenilli are my faves. I'm such a sucker for dessert-scents.

    1. I haven't tried either of those yet - I'm not much of a food scent person, but if I can get to a store I'll check them out. It does seem like a lot of their lotion bars don't sink into the skin that fast, so they're better for the winter, but at the same time they smell kind of tropical to me.

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