February 20, 2012

Grown Up Girl Scouts Make Cake Stands (!)

I learned how to make roses! They're made from Raspberry White Chocolate Buttercream. Die.

My friend Lindsey has started the Cookies & Crafts Club, aka Grown-up Girl Scouts. It is a collection of adult women who like to make crafty things and eat cookies. And cakes. And pies. And anything else dessert like. Our first meeting was last weekend and we made cake stands. Then we decorated cakes and put them on said cake stands. Then we ate them (best part, obvi). Ta da!

Saved from its sad life at Salval!

My cake stand started life as a beat up 1.99 plate from Salvation Army plate with some peeling silver finish. But with the addition of some sandpaper, mirror paint, hot glue and an ice cream sundae holder it would complete its metamorphosis into a beautiful stand.

Lindsey's husband made the table! Craft on craft action?

Hot glue guns are god's gift to crafters.

Concentration and a steady hand are required.

My completed cake stand and cake!


  1. That's so awesome! Despite my silver award in Girl Scouts I am SO not crafty! Looks great !

    1. It's more about having fun and eating cake and cookies than anything else :)

  2. This is lovely!

    GCG x



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