February 5, 2012

My New Favorite Breakfast: Protein Porridge

Oats boiled in coconut milk with brown sugar, walnuts, strawberries & cottage cheese
Although I've just been super lazy and going with protein shakes in the morning, this is going to be my new favorite (at least until I run out of oats).

I made up the title. I don't think this is really porridge, but it's also not quite oatmeal. Either way it is pretty awesome and definitely delicious. Tony's Stepmother introduced me to the amazing idea of mixing a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese into oatmeal, it sounds pretty weird, but I assure you it tastes totally awesome, plus it adds some much needed protein to an otherwise super carby breakfast.

Ah, a river of molten sugar, always healthy

It was incredibly easy to make. A while back we bought some bulk steel cut oats of the interwebs and then never did anything with it. Last night I was feeling motivated to I grab some tupperware, poured in the last of my coconut milk (about 4 cups) and a cup of oats and let it soak in the fridge over night. If you don't have the fridge space you can also soak the oats in water on the counter.

The next morning I dumped the whole concotion into a pan and let it boil for about 10 minutes. I am all about mushy porridge, it reminds me of traveling in the UK and also of my college meal plan, two very unrelated things that I happen to both miss. If I hadn't run out of milk I probably would have added more and let it boil a bit longer. As it is, this still created a tender and slightly chewy oatmeal.

Then I added a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese, a little bit of brown sugar (could have added less, but I was a little carried away), a few walnuts, and some strawberries that were on their last legs. Obviously you can add whatever you want. Next time maybe I'll go with blueberries. Or maybe I'll go absolutely wild and throw in some pumpkin seeds, or almond butter. This is starting to sound bizarre and out of hand. Who puts nut butter into oatmeal? Nut butter sounds disturbing enough without having to add it to oatmeal.

Basically this recipe can be summed up by saying:

Boil some oats in whatever liquid that resembles milk or water that you have around. Add some stuff to it, including some cottage cheese, which will make your oatmeal a little less hot, but will also give you some protein. Add whatever fruit is about to go bad, and maybe some nuts or whatever else you have. No one is looking, so go crazy.

Sorry for the dark pictures, I live in a cave in a part of the US that hasn't seen the sun since October. Trufax.

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