February 2, 2012

Oh the Sparkles! DIY Mercury Glass

I love love mercury glass, but that stuff is super expensive. Enter pinterest, my lord and savior. Making your own mercury class is extremely easy and fairly cheap.

 Basically you need 3 things: 
  1. Some glass (I got my vases at Salvation army for $.49 and $.29 a piece)
  2. Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Paint (Walmart or various places online)
  3. A spray bottle full of water (Dollar General, woo!)
 The process is easy peasy -
  • Spray the inside of your glass vase with water. 
  • Spray with Looking Glass Mirror Paint.
  • Flip upside down (I put some paper towels underneath) and dry overnight
  • Repeat process until desired opacity is obtained - I think I did mine two or three times.
My mercury glass isn't quite as metallic as I'd like, so next time I'm going to follow Martha Stewart's DIY Mercury Glass Tutorial, which suggest putting a coat of Looking Glass paint on and allowing it to dry before doing your first spritz of water. If you want a more vintage look, you can try this tutorial by Take the Side Street, which has more of a "grungy" look to it (the secret is mixing vinegar into the water!).

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