February 21, 2012

Pretty Sparkles! OPI Be a Dahlia Won't You & Servin' Up Sparkle


I've been dying for a gel manicure, but my nails were pretty much destroy by a horrible manicure in January and I haven't been able to grow them all out to the same length yet. Poop. Also, for some reason I've been very adverse to spending money lately. Not sure why, but apparently cold weather makes me into a cheap bastard. Thus I've been relying on good 'ol OPI (which I will only buy on sale - and by the way if you're in the area the least expensive place is the something something Unisex Salon in Wilton Mall, where they're all $5.50). I refuse to pay for a regular manicure because my nails will chip in about 2 days, but if I've done it myself then I don't really care.

Oh, and I have a glitter obsession. For the most part I only own pink, red and glitter polishes. So girlie. Here are my birthday nails. I haven't mastered the high fashion nail self portrait yet. But they're so sparkly and pink!

 Be a Dahlia Won't You & Servin' Up Sparkle

Be a Dahlia Won't You is hard to photograph (or, as is more likely, hard for me to photograph).

Thia is a better photo of the bottle than of the nails, pretty sparkles!

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  1. Hello, I have been keeping an eye on your blog...This Nail polish is lovely - and it is approved by BUAV I think, so not animal tested. The glitter is great!

    Please follow my natural cosmetics blog...you may like it.


    GCG x


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