March 25, 2012

Home Decor at Linden & Ashby {It's Fully of Pretty Things!}

Once I moved way up the hill I kind of stopped hanging out in Downtown Troy, but since Lindesy and I started getting together regularly for lunch downtown we've done a bit more exploring together. Lindz has been telling me I need to check out Linden & Ashby for a while and I have to agree, I totally loved the place. It made me wish that I had an actual home to decorate. BUT, even though I want and plan on moving in the next 5 months or so, I've decided that if it will make me happier to decorate my current abode than that is what I'm going to do! So far this has consisted of buying lotion and decorative soaps for the bathroom. Small steps.

In the meantime enjoy the loveliness that is Linden & Ashby, where I plan on picking up a few things in the future.

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