March 4, 2012

Lunch at Illium Cafe in Troy, NY

The other day my friend Lindsey and I met up for lunch in downtown Troy. This wasn't really a hike for either of us since I live 5 minutes up the hill and she works one block away. But whatever. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of living in Troy and I'm looking forward to moving at some point. However, I have to admit that Troy does have a lot of good food, so picking out a place to eat can be a fair debate. After bouncing a few ideas around we settled on Illium Cafe.

Illium was closed for a while an reopened a year or two ago. I don't go there nearly enough. The food is very creative and reasonably priced for the quality. I was a little disappointed yesterday because they didn't have any vegetarian soups or daily specials, but the regular menu, which consists of mostly sandwiches and salads has a few vege and fish options.

Pickles are the best.

I ended up getting a Tuna Fish Melt...I've had this before and I didn't think that yesterday's was quite as good as the last time I had gotten it, and I'm wondering if it's because I switched the swiss for chedder? Who knows. The thing that sets Illium's Tuna Melt apart is that you're not getting your standard canned tuna fish salad, nope, this is made from actual chunks of real tuna.

In case you ever wondered what I looked like eating a giant sandwich after just getting out of the shower.

Lindsey got an Ostrich Quesadilla. Crazy, right!? I don't know why, but we were surprised the meat was so dark. That's all the insight into this dish that I can offer you. That and the fact that Lindsey thought it was totally bangarang.

Another giant meal.

This is what Lindsey looks like eating a ostrich quesadilla.

It's so good!
Oh, and I don't have a picture of it, because a picture of a cardboard cup isn't really that spectacular anyway, but you should know that Illium Cafe actually makes the best hot chocolate in the Capital District. The only place that comes even remotely close is Mrs. London's in Saratoga (where it is also twice the price).

Possibly the best part is that my sandwich and hot chocolate was was under $10 and Lindsey's quesadilla was $11. Pretty good for a giant lunch.


  1. It was totally bangarang! We should start a series of food reviews of restaurants in Troy.


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