March 22, 2012

Lunch with Lindsey: The Placid Baker - Troy, NY

Welcome to the second installment of Lunch with Lindsey, which consists of Lindsey and me going to lunch, generally in Troy. Our latest adventure takes us to The Placid Baker on Broadway in Troy. The Placid Baker actually started off one dude, Chris Snye, working out of his home and selling at various Farmer's Markets in the area, including Troy. The brick and mortar shop opened up in 2009, which was the last time I was there. Boy have things changed! Now there are many many pastries. So many. But, since I'm tying to get not fat I did not partake. Go me.

Lemons and capers make things make awesome. So do pickles.

Instead I got a Tuna Sandwich. I know, I tend to eat a lot of tuna sandwiches. And by a lot I mean a couple times a month. What can I say? I'm a picky eater and most of the vegetarian options at cafes don't usually appeal to me. This tuna sandwich was awesome, and I thought it much better than the tuna melt I had gotten at Illium Cafe. It was made with lemon, capers, some red peppers and I think some spinach. I don't know exactly, some green thing. It was on the most delicious roll ever. It was awesome. And it was only $6. Extra awesome.

Lindsey took some pictures of me, but since my face looked kind of extra wide and I'm kind of extra vain I refused to post them. Instead I thought I'd post this cute picture of Lindsey, who matched her outfit with the other cafe patrons. I think next time this happens they should break out in to a flash mob, I was kind of disappointed when there was no dancing. 

Lindsey likes to coordinate outfits with random people in Troy. She's pretty good at it, clearly.

Lindsey got the Roast Turkey Sandwich, which looks pretty rad if you're into meat - turkey, apple slices, cheddar, cranberry aioli and mixed greens, again for $6. She say's it's the bomb, and she let me eat her pickle, so I was also pretty happen with her selection. I don't understand how people cannot like pickles, but I'm grateful when it means more pickles for me.

You may be looking at the sandwich, all I can see is DOUBLE PICKLES.

Tony says that if you're checking out the Placid Baker and they have the Broadway Pretzel on the menu that day you should totes get it, because it's made up of magic, or balsamic chicken, capoccllo ham salad, brie, roasted red pepper mayo, all on a a pretzel. That seems like a whole lot of stuff for a pretzel, but who am I to judge?

As soon as I lose this crappy 10lbs I'll give you an in depth review of their dessert shelf. Now that's something we can both look forward to.


  1. Seconding the Broadway Pretzel recommendation, Tony is 100% right about it! Also, when you try their desserts make sure to try the macarons. SO GOOD.

    1. Yeah, I was really tempted by them, they're just so colorful and pretty. I mean, it's egg whites and sugar, how many calories can they have, right?

  2. I'm a big fan of the Lunch with Lindsey series. Can't wait to see where we eat next!

    1. There are so many options - where do you think we should go?


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