March 16, 2012

My Career as A Runner

Okay. First off, let me say that is not the first time I wrote this post. In fact, I wrote an extremely long (and might I say, highly interesting) post when I first revived this blog and then accidentally deleted it. Awesome.


Isn't really much of a career. I periodically would run track in High School as a winter sport, but it was more to keep in shape for crew over the winter than because I actually enjoyed running. Once I stopped rowing my sophomore year of college that was pretty much the end of my running.

Until June of 2010, when my mother coerced me into running the Freihofer Run for Women. She had recently joined a from the couch to a 5k type club and had gotten the running bug and was determined to drag me along with her for company. I had no concept of what I was doing so I agreed.

Notice how white my face is? It's because I'm about to pass out.

I mean, all things considered, it didn't go that horribly. I mean, I didn't actually die. Although looking at the picture reminds me of how I almost passed out and vomited, at the same time.

For the next year or so I would periodically run whenever my mother signed me up for races. I ran various Father's Day Races and Turkey Trots and whatever else my mother wanted to sign up for and didn't have anyone to run with.

At no point in time was I ever fast. No. I would put my pace somewhere around "moderate jog." Instead, I focused on looking ridiculous. I don't know how the eff it happened, but it seems that every time I enter a race I end up with my picture in some local paper. This has led to me being one of those crazy people who wears makeup to run in. And you know what, I don't give a fuck. In fact, the one time I didn't, I ended up looking like a zombie in a full page photo in our local newspaper. I thank the lord that they gave me the wrong name.

Like my mom's and my water bottles? We keep it classy.

At some point last fall I decided that it might make more sense, and perhaps cause me less pain, if I actually like, trained. And by "train" I mean ran more often than once every 3 months. Oh, and I decided that I wanted to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. So naturally I decided to kick this off with a 10k race, a distance I had never come close to running. As a bonus, the last two miles were uphill. Awesome!

My friend Dana (who's super fast!), Jessie (of the shin splints), me, & my mom.

 Oh, what you can't see in the picture above is the giant "stinger" I had safety pinned to my butt. The six miles of it bouncing up and down eventually made my ass go numb, as every on looker shouted, "Bzzzz Bzzzz, go faster, Bee!" Sheesh, like it's easy to run up a hill in a bee costume when you're an out of shape academic?

The next run I had signed up for was the Hot Chocolate 15k Challenge in Washington DC. This equals to something a little over 9 miles, meaning I was not going to be able to pull it out of my ass and actually needed to do some training. Oh, and during this time my friend Jessie convinced me to sign up for the St. Patrick's Day Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon in DC.

Erin, Cailin, me, Cassie (who I ran into at the race after not seeing one another for 6 years!), Jessie, & Christine

Well, the Hot Chocolate 15k was a total shit show. Christine (all the way on the right) wrote a little bit about it here, but that doesn't really even come close to encompassing the all ridiculousness of it. The actual race logistics aside, things went really well! A few weeks after that I ran my fastest ever, jogging a 5 mile loop around my parent's town with a sub 10 minute mile pace (which for me is fast!).

Things didn't go so great after that. Jessie, my running buddy for both the Princess 1/2 and the St. Pat's 1/2 more or less broke her leg with shin splints from over training. By the time things were figured out the only option, at least financially, was to drop out of both races. What a disappointment. I had so been looking forward to the Princess 1/2 and was so let down by the whole thing that I wasn't sure if I wanted to run again.

So I didn't for a few months. Although, to be honest, this was the middle of winter in upstate New York, and the weather was not exactly inviting.

But, my mother convinced me (as she tends to do) to do the Running of the Green again on St. Patrick's Day, so I'm signed up for that race tomorrow (and Lindsey will be there, too!). She even bought me a new shirt to match her little running club to run in for my birthday. It is giant and not particularly flattering, nor does it match any of my other planned race attire, and is also slightly off color from the rest of the group. Thanks, mom! Oh, and she also signed up my father and my brother. My sister abstained, noting that she is "not a runner" even though she's probably the only one out of all of us actually built for running (Oh, to be 5'10").

If you've noticed my Dailymile widget (probably not), you'll have seen I've gone out running a few times the past couple weeks. This and a few yoga classes has been the extent of my physical activity over the past few weeks. My cousin, who is a runner recovering from an acute thyroid illness, is also running, so we'll probably take it extra easy, personally I'd be pretty happy if we finished under 44 minutes. It's suppose to get up to 70 degrees, which is pretty unheard of for upstate at this time of year, so I'm actually fairly excited.

Either way, wish us luck!


  1. a) good luck!
    b) how did you add that widget? I am in absolutely no need of one, but know someone that might be and I'm not savvy enough to figure it out ;)

    1. A. Thanks!
      B. If you go to design and then layout you can add widgets. I added the dailymile one by copying the code from their website and then pasting it into the widget box on my layout.

  2. just found your blog on your etsy post. new follower!! Looks great!

  3. seems great :) lovely post

  4. So glad you run Jess!! You make it so much fun AND you look awesome and everyone is totally jealous!

    1. Hahah we have so many races to sign up for this summer, I'm totally dragging you along with me...even though I can't keep up with that doesn't really make sense. But we can envy my brother's ridiculous pace together.


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