March 23, 2012

Robin's Egg Nails for Spring - Essie Borrowed and Blue

Guys I am so excited! I redid my nails the other day with some Essie nail polish I picked up from Marshall's, $9 for four mini bottles, not bad I suppose, and they are awesome. I've never used Essie before and I found it to be a little streaky, but I'm thinking that's more because of the brush in the mini polish than the actual polish itself.

There were four polishes in the set and I went with 'Borrowed and Blue' (it's a wedding set) because it seemed pretty springy. Once I got it on my nails I thought, oh what a pretty robin's egg blue! and then I was on a mission to turn my nails into robin's eggs themselves...except I didn't really feel like buying a brown polish that I'd probably never use again. I woke up the next morning remembering that I had some brown acrylic paint in my craft...disaster (I can't really call it a craft room).

Ignore my crappy cuticles.

I didn't have a toothpick so instead I broke the head off of a Q-tip and set about making random brown dots on my nails. I really went to town and I think you really cant screw this up, because robin's eggs have all sorts of random sizes and splotches on them. Afterwards I added a clear coat of polish because I wasn't sure if the acrylic paint would actually adhere to the surface of the polish. I was so excited I took pictures before I had cleaned up my cuticles. Sorry for not being 100% perfect.

Photo 500 and there's flour on my fingers, there's no winning

Anyway, I'm in love, I think these are the cutest spring/Easter nails ever. Maybe I'll start a new trend of painting your nails like bird's eggs? Do any other birds have cool looking eggs? This is getting father away from cool and fashionable and closer towards super nerdy by the second.


  1. That is such a cool look and not too complicated at all. I love fixing up my nails.

    1. It's so easy, I've gotten so many compliments already :)

  2. I love your nails, so gorgeous!! (And your cuticles look way better than mine right now!)

    Thanks so much for linking up!


  3. Wow, I love the effect! I never thought about using a Q-tip. Great idea!

    I'm visiting from Mani Monday!

  4. Super cute!! Love the color too :) stopping by from mani Monday!

  5. Eep! I'm so jealous I think of/see this before Easter! I'm in love with this look.

    Visiting from Mani Monday!

  6. These look awesome! Your cuticles look better than mine right now, that's for sure! I have these colors already at home, so I know what I'm doing my next mani!

    Visiting from Mani Monday!

  7. Love this!! This is such a great idea for spring and turned out fabulous! I'm visiting from Mani Monday, can't wait to see more!


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