March 12, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Nails: OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air


I have been on a nail polish binge lately. There are just so many pretty pictures on pinterest. PLUS I'm trying to be more thrifty these days and the reality is that for every gel manicure I get, I could also go out and buy like 4 new nail polishes. Actually, it's way more nail polishes than that, since I found a place that sells OPI for $5.50 (YES!). And there's no way I'm going to buy 4 new nail polishes every 2 weeks, so I'm definitely going to be saving some money.

I've also found my own manicure technique. If I use. I love Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat. It works wonderfully and I find that when I use that as a base coat, then apply a couple coats of OPI and another top coat that my manicure lasts for at least several days - probably 4 to 5. I except this won't work as well in the summer when I start spending more time outdoors and in the pool, but we'll see.

Another way to spread my polish changes out is to use glitter. I know the trend right now is to have a single "accent" nail, but what can I say. I guess I'm a little gaudy. GLITTER EVERYWHERE! Anyway, if you're using glitter and you have a chip, it's not big deal to just add another coat or dab, and it will blend right in.

 Fresh Frog of Bel Air is perfect for St. Patrick's Day but I think it would look even better if it had an opaque green underneath it. It took me about 3 (maybe even 4!) coats to get this much density in the glitter.

I wasn't able to find a kelly green yesterday (everything is turquoise and 1950s kitchen green), but I was doing some interweb shopping and I think I found the perfect green to go with it, Essie Pretty Edgy. Now I just need to find it in real life, since I don't have time to wait for shipping.

My quest for the perfect St. Patrick's Day green has come to an end.

I've never used Essie before but it seems to be pretty popular. Experiences? Opinions?

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