March 2, 2012

Tulsi aka Holy Basil - Tastes So Good! And Apparently Will Stop Diabetes

Tony and I have a new favorite tea, Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose tea. I picked it up at Marshall's (for $3.99, BOOYA) and since then we have been sucking it down nightly. I'm kind of surprised, because I am not a big fan of floral all. I just don't like drinking flowers. It's weird.

Just realized they use "magical" as a selling point. Awesome.

But I do like this tea.

magical AND pretty!

The floral note is pretty light, I think it's really more of an aroma of roses than actually drinking roses. I haven't had other types of tulsi tea before, but I'm inclined to give them a shot after this experience.

Apparently cures everything imaginable

Supposedly there are a million benefits to tulsi. That's kind of an exaggeration. There are quite a few ayurvedic benefits, most of which are listed on the packaging above. I'm not entirely sold on the whole ayruveda thing, but modern science has also weighed in recently and there have been studies showing that tulsi may be beneficial in treating diabetes as well as cholesterol. It also is super high in antioxidants to the point that medical studies suggest it might be beneficial in protecting against radiation poisoning. I think that's pretty crazy. The stress relieving properties also seem to be verified by modern medicine in that tulsi has high concentrations of a pain killing property. So yeah, seems there are some benefits to drinking this tasty tea :)

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