April 6, 2012

Baubles and Bling

Since I no longer have to worry about spending money on skincare and makeup (huzzah!) and I'm not quite willing to give up on the dream of losing a few pounds, I've decided that I should start directing my efforts towards purchasing accessories - because jewelry, shoes, and bags are always going to fit. The fact that Mary Kay peeps have a total obsession with shoes and bags is also motivational - I'm not joking they give away tons of bags and shoe money at conferences and as quarterly sales goals.

Here are some baubles I've recently added to my Etsy wishlist. Needless to say, I still have a millionaire's eye and a pauper's wallet :P

Forest and Moss Terrarium Necklace ($49) by Tiny Terrariums

Pisces Constellation Ring ($150) by Garnet Girl Designs

Raindrop Post Earrings ($15) by Tiny Galaxies

I think I need to have a "Shit I Can Actually Afford" version of this list, because the only thing on this list I realistically stand a chance at purchasing are those sparkly raindrop earrings, which are ridiculously adorable and only only $15 (!).

Costa Rica Parrot Feather Ring ($68) by Robin Charlotte

Actually, not that I think on it, I can afford to buy most of this stuff, but I just have some mental block against spending more than $50 on a piece of jewelry - except when I'm traveling, because then no rules apply. I don't know why, there's no rhyme or reason to it because I've certainly spent more than that on any number of shoes and bags and those will obviously wear out before a jewelry.

Sterling Silver White Sultan Ring ($72) by Star of the East

I think I do need to get myself a Star of the East ring in the next year though - I've been coveting her Sea Urchin rings for literally years!

Vintage Rhinestone Cuff ($75) by OOAKjewelz

Hm, if I was better planned I would have had some kind of theme to this post, perhaps "Bohemian Chic on Etsy" or some such thing, instead it's just "Stuff Jessica Wants." Although I have to be honest, there's a lot of stuff on Etsy tagged "bohemian" or "gypsy" that looks like arts and crafts from a two year old but cost as much as Tiffany's.

And I promise this is the last post for a little while that's whining about stuff I want, because that really needs to stop. Time to stop dwelling on what I want, instead it's to look at what I already have, right? Right.

But you should still check these stores!


  1. These are all beautiful but you are right about wanting. Concentrating on valuing what you have will make you much happier. By the way, the strive for owning stuff is associated with lack of love, which, if realized can be guided back to love. In the meantime you will have learned to live well with what you have. That is the terrible effect "civilization" has on us - it instills false values...

    1. I don't think it's the lack of love, so much as the over abundance of the Bravo and Style channels on in the background all day!


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