April 18, 2012

Lunch with Lindsey - The Placid Baker {again!} and Anchor No. 5 Boutique!

Both Lindsey and i forgot our cameras = phone pics for you, sorry!

So Lindsey and I have pretty much determined that from now we're going to just stick with having lunch at The Placid Baker and then spend the rest of our lunch date shopping. This was determined by the fact that we were going to go to Broadway Brew for lunch, but when we got there we discovered that it had been closed for being a public nuisance...something about stabbings? Yeah, okay, maybe not.

i think i could eat this every day.
Besides The Placid Baker is da bomb! Everything always tastes good and the prices are reasonable. For example, my super awesome chipotle mac & cheese plus a lemonade was the perfect size, tasted delicious, and only cost something like $5.86.

Lindsey got her favorite turkey sandwich.

imaginary sandwich photoshoot
 She even practiced how she would look in our lunch time photos with this jacket on be eating imaginary sandwiches in front of the mirror this morning. She's also the best sport ever for letting me take 50 photos of her with my phone.

We also stopped by Anchor N. 5 Boutique - a super cute shop in downtown Troy that carries all sorts of pieces from local artists. And we may have been about an hour late getting back to work because we were chatting with shop owner Petra.

I got a super cute pair of earrings from local artist Ali Herrmann that you can find on etsy. They came in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and styles, but I went with the peach posts because I'm sure they'll match all the coral I plan on buying. AND they were only $6, Double Yay!


  1. This food looks absolutely yummy. I totally agree, cute pair of earrings. Looks like a wonderful time love!

  2. cute!!!



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