April 25, 2012

{Review} Boondock G Soapery

 A couple weeks ago I ordered some soap from Boondock G Soapery on etsy. (this purchase was instigated by a post on Soap Obsessions). As soon as the words "soap" and "sale" were mentioned in the same sentence I was a goner.

Add to that the fact that their soaps are primarily made with coconut oil, which, as I've already mentioned, is pretty much my favorite bath and body ingredient, and I was definitely going to be making a purchase.

I ordered a bar of Serenade {rosewood & pikake} and Victorian Black {violet & heather}. The owner was kind enough to include a sample of Little Queenie soap and Miss Laura Perfume Oil.

I've almost used up my bar of Serenade and I really like the soap - although neither of the scents are very strong. It lathers up a lot and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after I shower...although I still use lotion because I have the driest skin ever...and I like being extra smelly. 

Miss Laura is described as ~
Night-blooming florals of tuberose and jasmine with white southern magnolia blossoms ~ drops of sticky chocolate honey. Quite southern belle-ish with a naughty side.…all wrapped in one.
I think that the scents go exactly in the opposite order they're described. At first I smelled the chocolate sent, with undertones of honey. The floral scent was there but really game out as the oil dried down, and was quite strong. All in all this isn't really a scent for me - I'm not a fan of foodie scents at all - BUT I know chocolate is a very popular scent with most people and I think this perfume oil might be worth their notice.

I really like BoondockG's soaps and might make some orders in the future, although I have quite a long wishlist to work my way though first :)


  1. I love Boondock G soaps! Well, mine are hot process . . . haven't tried the cold process from there yet but I do have some in my stash. The scents are light but I don't mind. They are enough for me to smell while I'm using them and that's all I ask for. The tarts I tried, however, were too weak for my liking. :(


    1. I am really liking the soap the more I use it - I think her scent blends are really nice, I'd like to try her body creams in the future, especially Sweetgrass - sounds perfect for spring and summer!

  2. Ohhh, I absolutely love foodie smells! Cake scented lotion is my favorite :)
    I'm not sure I'd be able to use these soaps though, they're just so pretty looking!

  3. Your soaps looks really nice - and the scents sounds amazing. Thanks - Uri, Israeli olive oil soap


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