April 24, 2012

Spring Green - Indoor Plants for Dark Places

So I really love plants, and I really want a garden, but alas, we live in an apartment that has no outdoor space whatsoever. So I'm looking for some indoor flora inspiration.

Ferns are great for low light spaces.

 This is a beautiful little set, but the fern itself isn't real, which I suppose I would prefer...but I guess that makes it perfect for spaces that have no natural light?

I love orchids! I got the orchid bug a few years ago, but for various reasons I don't have any in my current apartment. Usually I buy the crapped out ones from Walmarts when they go on sale for $5. Historically I've been pretty good about getting them to re-bloom, but alas they all met a tragic end when I spent a month in Tokyo and my mother forgot to water them. This terrarium is totally bananas! And it's on sale for the low low price of  $249.


 I've been considering putting some air plants in our bathroom, but I'm pretty sure the lack of windows mean they're not going to survive very long - but I'll give it a shot.

I spent a few years working at a plan nursery and would always take home the sickly plants that had been returned. Hence I came into possession of a large staghorn fern, which was totally awesome...and which was usurped by an ex ex boyfriend. I've since learned that replacing it is ridiculously expensive, so I'm not sure if I can ever forgive him of his plant thievery. Especially since he never even took care of it. Hmph.

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