May 14, 2012

Casual Rocker Chic {Or Something}

 [Dress - Weston Wear via Anthropologie; Sandals - Mojo by Bernardo via ebay; Bag - Hype via Karmaloop; Watch - La Mer via Lucia Boutique; Earrings - Sanfranblissco; Bracelet - Slipada (I think); Vintage Scarab Ring - Gifted]

I think that many people probably think fashion bloggers as vain, and indeed, I'm sure many of them are. Personally I find it more of a challenge. Also, it's quite interesting to see what you really look like and what you're wearing, or at least how it may appear to others - for instance, T-Strap sandals do my legs no favors, but I love them too much to care!

Bernardo is amazing quality and worth the price (esp. if you can find them on sale!)

So, this is La Mer watch is pretty much my favorite, but it's simultaneously disappointing. Almost immediately after purchasing it the band started to fray, making it difficult to fasten. Shortly thereafter, maybe a few months later, the chain started tarnishing - since apparently it's very thinly plated, I was not able to polish it at all. Overall, the band is of rather poor quality, and neither of the problems I had with my watch were covered by warranty. This is a real shame because I love all of their designs and would gladly purchase many more, but I'm just skeptical of the quality. I did get one for my sister last Christmas, and her's seems to be holding up well, but she rarely wears it.

i love these earrings so much i made tony glue them together when i accidentally snapped one :(
saw this bag. didn't buy it. spent months trolling the internet trying to find it again. karmaloop for the win!
i has lint.

It took me literally an hour to take these photos because I couldn't find my tripod and can't figure out how to set the self timer so that I get clear focus. Self photography fail.

yeah, this is totally natural.

I was at my parent's house and wanted to take the photos before I went out for a run, since I would surely look like a disaster after. I thought that the overcast day would make for some good lighting, so of course the clouds parted as soon as I started traipsing around outside. Of course.


  1. I love that dress! I don't do sleeveless, and it's nice to see a dress with sleeves that's actually really cute. I totally need something like that. Great pics, and I love your hair color!

    1. I'm all about sleeves! I think I wear sleeves or a cardigan 99% of the time - it's funny you say that because I was shopping with a friend when I got this dress and she was totally against it because of the sleeves :P

    2. No, the sleeves make it, and the wrap-style top too, I love that. I'm just not much for feeling like my armpits are, you know, out there. And sleeves are just more flattering and comfortable on me, so I'm always wearing cardis too. Layers are good :) I've been liking cold shoulder tops lately too, provides sleeve coverage without feeling too constricting or stuffy.


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