May 25, 2012

DIY Anthropologie Tutorials

i could make these, but i won't.

You can find an updated post with Anthropologie Inspired DIY Holiday Tutorials here!

The new motto for my generation might be something like "Anthropologie taste with a Target wallet." Or something like that. I'm a pretty crafty person and on more than one occasion I've seen something on the Anthropologie site that costs about two billion dollars and said to myself, "I could make that." And then I don't. Ever.

But I'm determined to follow through this summer. I've run across a few DIY Anthropologie tutorials that looked pretty awesome, and have put together a guide of Anthro-like tutorials for you guys. Now, this is not a comprehensive list. This is a short list of projects that I would like to attempt, which I think best reflect the "Anthro style" with fairly detailed tutorials. There are many more if you search places like pinterest, but not all of them are actually connected to tutorials (I know, I looked!).

So, if it's a rainy day and you're feeling particularly crafty, give one of these tutorials a shot - and then let me know how it went!

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Clothing and Accessory Tutorials

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Home Decor Tutorials

You can also check out Copycat Crafts Anthropologie Inspired Section and Kristina J's blog is all about anthropologizing clothes, although her projects require more skill than I have, they're still very pretty to look at!

By the way, I'm particularly irritated by the lack of easy to find Anthropologie inspired crochet patterns. Is there a secret stash somewhere? Is this a void in need of filling (by me?)? SOMEONE HELP ME!

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  1. These are amazing!! I wish I had time to attempt them all... keep us updated when you pick one to do!

    1. Oh I definitely will - and congrats on graduating! hope you are taking some time off to celebrate :)

  2. very nice! I especially love the floral cuff bracelet! that's just lovely thx for sharing :)


    1. Yes, it's super cute and the tutorial makes it look totally do-able!

  3. That shower curtain is just lush.....Some awesome stuff here. X

    1. Isn't it just great!? I wouldn't mind a bathroom that big either haha

  4. Replies
    1. I really want to make like, all of them! I don't think I have it in me to sew clothes, but I think I can do the curtains/bedding haha

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  6. i definitely need to try some of these! i wish i sewed more

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  8. Great collection of DIY tutorials. So awesome to see all these in one place. Well done! =)
    Kristina J.

  9. nice post! Love your blog

    Maybe want to follow each other? Let me know on my blog ^^
    XX Tali

  10. Love the bedspreads. I just did a DIY anthropologie sweater! check it out at


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