May 23, 2012

Intrepid Explorer {Of Strip Malls}

[DIY Cut Offs - Thrifted American Eagle; T-Shirt - Madewell; Chambray Button Up Shirt -J.Crew via Clothing Swap; Heels - Steve Madden; Bag - Latico via ideeli; Tibetan Prayer Bracelet - Headshop in NYC; Leather and Brass Bracelet - Gift from Mexico; Lipstick - Mary Kay Really Red]

So this is kind of what I wear when I'm doing field research...except no heels, and generally no shorts, since it doesn't get that warm in Cape Flattery. Actually, now that I think of it, the only thing from this ensemble that I really where when doing research is the J.Crew shirt. It's just awesome, and makes me feel very Indiana Jones like.  Except instead of doing doing research on this day  I was running errands at Target (where I got a bunch of bathroom stuff, yeah!).

Which brings me to another thing. Do people actually wear heels when running errands around town? I've decided it's silly. Heels are for going out to lunch, dates, and going out. They are not for Genius appointments at the Apple store. I mean, if you're in a hurry it takes you forever to get anywhere when wearing them. Not to mention you're feet are going to hurt - or at least mine do and I don't generally wear cheap-o heels. I confess, shortly after these photos were taken I switched into American Eagle leather flip flops. They just make life easier.

First time trying this lipstick - totally digging it.

This J. Crew shirt has been a staple as an outer shirt/light jacket ever since I snagged it at a clothing swap a few years ago. Yes, a few years ago, that's how well J.Crew stuff can hold up. Impressive.

I like this outfit a lot - it's neutral, simple and it let's me wear all sorts of big, chunky jewelry. The shorts I made by cutting off a pair of thrifted American Eagle jeans (I have a fondness for AE pants, they just always fit well). The shirt is totally awesome and from Madewell. It's embroidered with seed pearls, and you'd think it would be delicate but it's managed to last me quite a while with no special attention - I just turn it inside out and wash it on gentle. I only have a couple Madewell pieces and I wish I had more because I think they're very, well...made well. Except we don't have a store anywhere near where I live, so I only get to shop when I'm on vacation or a research trip that's near one.

I think I might be the only person who arranges their vacations around clothing store locations.

Oh, and this Latico bag is the biggest bag I own. Totally awesome. Can fit anything, ever, and is leather and brass, one of my favorite combinations. Sometimes I put Lux in it when we go to get ice cream, because I'm a crazy cat lady. It's definitely the most stylish cat carrier ever.


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