May 4, 2012

Lilac Inspirations for Spring

My favorite flower blooms in the spring - lilacs. My grandmother has always had huge lilac bushes in her backyard and every year I cut as many branches as I can and put them in every room. I know that when I have a yard of my own the first thing that will go in will be lilac bushes. I love them so much and it makes me so sad that I can only enjoy their beautiful fragrance for a week or two every year.

lilac accessories



 Okay, words cannot describe how much I want each one of these pieces of clothing. They are totally amazerballs, or at least I think so. Those pants might be my motivation to lose these last 8lbs. I know they're over the top, and dammit, I just don't care! Also, I think that might be the perfect summer dress.

Lilac Clothing

I want to eat this cake. Like now. Putting a lilac sprig on it makes me want to eat it even more.


Every time I make something on polyvore I am reminded of how I really need to do some shopping at target. I am totally in love with this chair. Also, has anyone tried Archipelago candles? They're on the pricey end for me and I'm usually not that experimental with my candles, once I find something I like I stick with it for life...but a local shop carries them and they're just so pretty!

Lilac Home Decor



  1. That chaaair.
    Oh hey. I have a new bottle of this:
    Would you like it? I... totally cannot pull it off. Twitter message me your address or something! :D

    1. I have never heard of this Zoya, I'll have to try it out - I'll send you my address! Any interest in this color, because I totally cannot pull it off haha

  2. Beautiful collection, Jess. Thank you for including me! I hope you get that lilac garden soon.



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