May 2, 2012

My Style: British World Explorer

So Tony and I have very different ideas of home decor. He favors contemporary-Norwegian-Ikea-esque design. And I like Victorian antiques. Clearly we are not on the same page. So when we moved in together (and even before, when we were just talking about moving in together) there was an intense discussion on what our couple aesthetic would be.

Pretty much the only thing we could agree upon is that we wanted to travel, buy a bunch of stuff and then furnish our home with the awesome stuff we picked up on our worldly adventures. We also liked leather chairs, fireplaces, curios, and books.

We decided to call this style British World Explorer.

Sounds good, right? British World Explorer is based off a British Library, back in the day of independent intellectuals and world explorers.

It's like a glimpse into nerd heaven.

It's also in no way Ikea-like so I have no clue why Tony has to agreed to this, but I'm just going to run with it.

I can't say we've really reached any kind of cohesive look as of yet. It's mostly a random mishmash of stuff Tony already had, stuff I brought with me, and the Red Socks/Yankees paraphernalia Tony's mother gave us (it should noted that I do not give a crap about baseball, but since I am from New York I am genetically obligated to oppose Tony, who is from Boston and is a rabid Red Socks fan).

I've contributed in my grandparent's turn of the century steamer trunk, a wrought iron breakfast table, and an annoying cat. Someday I'll figure out where to put my mugs from Ireland, chunks of exotic hardwood from Costa Rica and kimono from Japan...I really wish I had gotten some larger mementos of New Zealand, le sigh.

British Explorer Inspiration

(Clockwise: Decorative Butterfly Framed Wall Art; Anish World Map; Antique Black Walnut Bombe Chest; Dark Brown Velvet and Leather Chaise; Carved Wood Coffee Table)

Anyway, now that I'm paying rent instead of enjoying the largess that accompanied living with my parents, my travel funds are significantly diminished, especially since I'm trying to be financially responsible knowing that I'm no longer going to be receiving a paycheck come August.

BUT. That's not going to stop from dreaming...and maybe from buying some stuff off the internet. I've been drooling over that West Elm coffee table for at least a year now, but I'm wary of buying larger pieces of furniture and then having to figure out how to move it in a few months.

Speaking of British explorers, have you ever read the The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession? I highly recommend it. It's the pretty amazing and true story of a renoun British explorer, Percy Fawcett, who disappeared into the Amazon along with his son about 100 years ago. The story is so enticing that tens of people have actually gone missing in attempts to find out exactly what happened to his doomed expedition. Anyways, go read it, and you'll understand why I wish I was born a century earlier (side note: Tony says this is bullshit because I likely would have died of some horrible disease and if not would have likely been forced to live the closeted life of a Victorian woman...but, you know, whatever...if we're talking fantasy I would have also like to have been rich).

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