May 11, 2012

Not All Sunglasses Must be Black

Guys, my favorite new sunglasses from Theory are for sale on Hautelook today - and for way less than what I paid for them! I highly recommend you get your butts over there and snatch them up because you're going to get so many compliments with them. If you're not a member of Hautelook (and you should be because they have great designers for wicked low prices) you can join here.

Oh, and if you aren't convinced by my instagram-ish photo, here's what they really look like - step out of the tortoiseshell/black box and get something fun for summer <3

p.s. like my totally sweet fashion blogger pose? i know that if i try hard enough, some day i'll make it on to GOMI


  1. Love it! Your hair colour is gorgeous too! Goes well with red lips, red nails and pearls, perfect :)

    1. Thanks! I actually have a coral-orange lipstick on, I'm really going all out with this tangerine trend :P


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