May 16, 2012

Office Inspriation: Functionality Meets Beauty

Right now I"m sitting in my bedroom trying to avoid eye contact and making any noise lest Lux decide to come over and harass me. Any sign that you are paying attention to her is an open invitation for her to come over and walk all over your keyboard. You see, painters are currently outside painting my living room and bathroom and I can't go out because Lux will run around like a hooligan leaving paw prints in all our windowsills and likely end up covered in paint. So she has been locked inside our bedroom all day and I've just come home from work and am keeping her company. But that's not enough. She needs my attention 100% of the time.

Oh joy, she has just taken a protest poop - the worst kind of poop possible. She is a crafty one, Lux. When you are doing work and she wants you to play with her, she will go over and take a horrible dump that smells so bad that you have no choice other than to leave the room. And then hey, coincidence, you're not doing work anymore, so let's play!

Anyway, I cannot wait for the paint to be done and dry. Not only will I be able to escape the monstrosities coming out of Lux's rear end, but I'll also get to start rearranging and decorating! My desk is currently in our main living space (I work better with background noise, I know, I'm weird) and Design Sponge just posted this DIY Room Divider Bulletin Board so I've got beautiful work spaces on my mind. Here are a few that I would die for.

Not really, because who the hell really wants to die for an office. Dying for a place to type up papers and fill in spreadsheets seems a bit silly, if you ask me. Although if there was an office to die for, it might be this one, posted today on This is Glamorous, or maybe Aerin Lauder's (as in the granddaughter of Estee Lauder) amazing office from this photo shoot in Architectural Digest.

Maryam Montague's office is like a cool oasis in the middle of the desert - which it is! Although the decor reminds me of the ocean, she's actually Marrakech, Morocco. Also, I wonder what her floor says?


India Hicks, another woman sitting pretty high on my list of lady crushes, has a gorgeous home and office in Harbour Island, Bahamas. It's tropical without going overboard and kitschy.

I don't think the bottom one is actually her office, but I don't care because it is still gorgeous. I have a type drawer that I've used to display a number of things over the years, from perfume to jewelry, but I think shells might be next on the list. I prefer the natural wood, but mine was not in particuarly good condition when I got it so I spray painted it dark blue. I'm not sure if I'll keep it that way, sand it and give it a "shabby chic" look or who knows what. There are way too many nooks and crannies to actually sand it all the way down and sand it. We'll see.


  1. The little shell collection on the wall of the last picture if fantastic!

    1. I know! What a great way to display beach finds from all over :) I'm totally putting one together!


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