May 13, 2012

Scentsational Candles - Natural Soy Candle {Review}

So the other day I decided to step outside of my candle box (ha! Am I the only person who remembers the band candlebox? Probably) and try something other than Yankee. I spent about 30 minutes sniffing every candle at Marshall's before I decided on a Lily of the Valley Scentsational candle on sale for $6.99. I was pretty excited by this discovery, since lily of the valley is another favorite of mine and is not particularly common. Scentsational candles are also 100% soy, another new thing for me, guess I won't be inhaling any carcinogens (or whatever they're claiming these days) in the immediate future.

The candle came in a sheer mesh bag that smells lovely and which I'll probably use to store jewelry and small items when traveling. On the whole I'm very pleased with this double wick candle - it's been burning cleanly and evenly for the whole afternoon, and the scent is strong enough to fill our entire apartment - which is the biggest plus for me. I also think the scent is very true to the name, it truly does give a clear, strong lily of the valley scent, and I couldn't be more pleased.

I'm was not familiar with the brand until now but I'm excited to see that they also have a lilac scent - unfortunately, I haven't seen this brand at any other stores aside from Marshall's, and the selection there was quite limited, since there seems to be a fairly broad scent catalog available. Hopefully I'll come across more in the future.


  1. Ours has three wicks?? lol And it smells very strong!! :)

  2. that's who makes these. So you can buy them online but they are 14.95

  3. I shop at marshalls all the time and found this candle and I fell in love with it. So I went on a Marshall marathon in search for more with no success. So I looked on the bottom of the candle (that I refuse to throw away because it still smells so good even though it's empty) and it says sensational but for 2 candles with tax and shopping. $40!! So Marshalls was a steal. Being the frugal Texan that I am. .. I'm going to just stay on the look out

  4. I bought a few when I was in South Beach and it came with directions. You can dip you finger in the wax. (Note it's not hot.) And, you can use it as a lotion to hydrate your skin. I lit mine the second I got home and rubbed it all over my body. You literally smell like a spa! The reason why it's not hot wax is for this purpose.


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