May 12, 2012

Summer Staples

Guys. Trying to be a fashion blogger is incredibly demoralizing because i look fat and blimp like in just about every photo. Seriously, hundreds of puffy faced photos. I don't know, maybe it's because i'm too white? I'm not really sure, because i know that i am neither fat nor blimp like in real life, but apparently i am incapable of conveying this to the world via photographic documentation.

But, Dolci has asked me repeatedly to post some photos of thrifted pieces, so I am doing my best.

Tony asked me what I thought the best photo was and I told him this one. It looked really great once I cropped myself out. No joke. Unfortunately, it doesn't really show you my outfit, which looked like this -

 [Sweater: Thrifted; Shirt: Thrifted Soprano; Skirt: Clothing Swap; Belt: Thrifted; Bag: Thrifted; Shoes: Lucky Brand; Jewelry: Gifted]

Yeah, the fact that these are the best photos of my outfit, out of like 100 we took while traipsing around my extremely ugly apartment complex where 90% of the residents don't speak English and either scare at you in a creepy manner or avoid any and all eye contact.

This skirt will probably appear many times over the summer, since I wear it on an almost weekly basis. It came from a clothing swap and has an entire story of its own, which I will probably get into at some point when I'm feeling like a curmudgeon. I have an obsession with blue and white striped bottoms, I also have a second skirt that's very near identical, and a pair of Bermuda shorts, and I don't know, we'll see what other striped items of clothing I can find.


  1. Neither fat, nor blimp crosses my mind when I look at your photos! You are a beauty, and I love following you! :))

    Belle De Jour

  2. Your outfit (and your photos!) look totally fantastic. Shush with the "fat and blimp like" comments, just shush. As a considerably curvy gal(in real life!)I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for myself, but if you are worried about appearing as such, you really needn't. Seriously, just own your looks and nobody in their right mind would see your post and think anything remotely negative. All I thought was "oh, what a cute outfit!"...and then upon reading..."er, she thinks her pictures make her look fat, wahhhhh? I haz a sad now :("


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