May 5, 2012

Weekend Pick Me Up: Fusion Sweets Caramels

Guys. Are you looking at this? This Weekend Pick Me Up is a little bit more pricey ($13.50 per 1/2lb, plus $6 for shipping) than usual, but it's also far more decadent than usual.

How can you not want to eat these caramels? I can assure you they are delicious. I got Tony the Bacon Sea Salt Caramels for our anniversary this year and he was in love with them. Seriously, he made them last like 2 weeks, which is pretty much unheard of for any sweets in our home...although this might be because I'm a vegetarian and thus do not consume caramels with chunks of bacon in them...even if I when sorely tempted on a number of occasions.

Fusion Sweets is super awesome because they also include samples with their orders. Which is how I know they are awesome. I mean, I'm not getting any of this bacon caramel so naturally I was going to eat the samples myself. I tried the Thai Habernaro Butter Caramels and burned my MFing mouth off in a way that made me immediately run for milk and bread. So yeah, definitely not for those of you who are not into flaming spicy desserts. However, the Sweet and Creamy Butter Caramels were divine. A burst of super buttery explosion in your mouth.

I'm not sure if I could ever buy a package for myself, they're so utterly...hedonistic! But I certainly wouldn't be opposed to getting them as a gift...or maybe I'll just find some excuse to buy another package for Tony. Oh, and if you're thinking of getting them as a gift, they come in a cute little box and are individually wrapped, so all the hard stuff is done for you :)

Top on my wish list would be English Breakfast Tea Butter Caramels, Rose Orange Blossom Salted Vanilla Butter (that both a mouthful to eat and say), or maybe French Lavender, Honey Sea Salt Butter? C'mon. It's not like I'd say no to any of them, right?


  1. YUMMMM these look amazing! I'm a huge fan of caramel.

  2. I have looked at this store a zillion times before and wanted to purchase soooo badly, but it just seemed too pricey. Now I am tempted all over again!

    1. Get them for a special occasion or reward!

  3. Mmm, those caramels looks delicious! I'm a vegetarian too, though, and the thought of bacon + caramel makes me gag haha. I could go for the Honey sea salt butter! :)

  4. Nom,nom,nom...they look delish!


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