June 9, 2012

Calypso St. Barth for Summer

Every since Maryam twittered about some earrings that she got from Calypso St. Barth I've been in love with the company. In my ideal world I would live on a beach and be wearing their clothes every day.

Gorgeous right? I think you need to have the life of Hildi to get away with wearing a bikini and coverup every day! Either way, this isn't exactly the style of upstate NY...which is precisely why I need to relocate to a beach side town.

As I mentioned previously I really like tie dye...which is why I just ordered these two dresses from the Calypso St. Barth sample sale. Calypso dresses for under $50? Yes please! I've never ordered from them before because 1. I can only afford their sale items; and 2. Their sale items are non-returnable.

I resisted ordering the second dress in blue as well since probably half my clothes are blue already...although I really want it. If I like it when it arrives and it is still in stock maybe I'll order it in a blue anyway. Oops.

I ended up ordering both dresses in a small with the fact that if they are too big I can always have a tailor take them in. Taking something in is much easier than letting it out! I let you know what I think of the clothes and company when they arrive - hopefully everything will work out find and dandy!

All photos via Calypso St. Barth Pinterest


  1. I love every single item on this page. I wish I looked that stylish though...Love your new dresses! When I get back to London I might have to see if ebay have any of their stuff. X

    1. Yes! There are some great deals on ebay, once I figure out what size I am in this brand I'm totally going to start taking advantage of the wonders of ebay (:


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