June 4, 2012

My Favorite Summer Dress {From Lani}

[Tie Dye Dress: Lani {in purple here}; Straw Bag: Thrifted; Sunglasses: Theory; Sandals: Bernardo; Jewelry: Vintage pieces from my mother and aunt]

A few days ago I confessed my love for tie dye. Well, I wasn't kidding. Here's my most favorite summer dress, which I've had for a while now and will probably need to replace soon, since I'm literally wearing it out. I love it because I think it makes me look all tall and statuesque. Two things I am definitely not. I like to fancy myself a Grecian goddess of the sorts in it (or something, whatever, this is sounding silly).

seriously out of something like 50 pictures there are the only ones where i don't have my eyes closed. oh, and once i put my sunglasses on i just made weird shapes with my mouth. Tony was rather frustrated.

It's by one of my favorite brands, Lani - amongst their many lovely designs, they make fantastic jersey dresses that are unique and perfect for summer. You can just pull one on and head out the door knowing that you look put together. They're also great in that you can dress them up or down. I wish I had access to their website, because I am dying to know what new pieces they've come up with! Especially since the description is "inspired by coastal seaside elements and scenery." Um, totally up my alley!

I also think their prices are extremely reasonable. The dress I'm wearing is available at Trois Femmes Boutique for $55. Personally, I think this is extremely reasonable. It's so beautiful, soft, and comfortable that I find myself reaching for this piece over and over again, and think it's worth every penny. Besides, there are many other companies that product similar if not less unique or well constructed pieces for far more!

the one wonky key in this necklace is proof of it's crazy past life in the 1970s.

The only place I've ever seen Lani carried in my area is Lucia's Boutique, one of my favorite shops in Saratoga Springs. I frequently stop by their store in the spring and summer for dresses, one of the few items of clothing I'm willing to spend money on. Lucia's carries a selection of clothing, and while I most frequently shop there specifically for dresses, they also carry great jewelry, particularly La Mer watches, another favorite of mine.

Oh, and they also have store parties several times a year with sales, wine, and baked goods. Awesome, right? I think so, too. Which is why it's a crying shame I'm always out of town when they're going on!


  1. this is really pretty!! especially in combination with the jewellry!! cool. x



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