June 13, 2012

Tea, Not Just for Drinking {Also for Desserts!}

I love tea. I think it's one of my favorite things. Hot or cold, winter or summer, it's always lovely. My favorite area Earl Gray with milk and sugar for breakfast, rooibos chai lattes in the winter, and Mint with a bit of honey...but I'm always open to trying something new.

It is easy to find coffee flavored treats - coffee ice cream, espresso brownies, pop into any Starbucks and you'll find something! I've only had a few tea infused desserts, you don't see them here often in Upstate, but I did love them. Probably the most common and easy to find is macha ice cream, which I've had good and bad experiences with.

I think this means that perhaps I need to start making some on my own tea flavored goodies. How difficult could it be?

Here are some inspiring recipes. If you've tried them before please share your experiences - or share your recipes if you have them, too!


Bakie's Earl Gray Chiffon Cake Recipe - with step by step photos

There is an entire website dedicated to "tea" recipes (creatively titled recipeswithtea.com) but the recipes themselves are quite poorly written, difficult to read, and there are no accompanying photos. However, if you're feeling ballsy you might want to give the site a shot, there are some delicious sounding recipes. My favorites are Honey Tea Bread and Rooibos Chocolate Layer Cake.

The Boston Tea Company also has an extensive collection of sweet and savory recipes using tea that are much easier to read, although still no pictures.

I've decided I absolutely must make the above pudding (it's made with thai chai tea) and Chai Tea Pudding - I've found two recipes so far: the easy one (which I will probably make sooner than later just because it's so easy) and the more complex one from scratch.

...And now I've just found a recipe for Mint Tea Trifle, which sounds like it needs to be explored as well...

Any one strike your fancy? If you can't tell, there is a reason that my family refers to me as a "dessertitarian," and also why I gained 25#s last year.

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