December 12, 2012

So Excited for the Nike Women's Marathon Half in DC (& the Tiffany's Necklace that goes with it)!

I'm so excited, I just got into the inaugural Nike Women's Marathon Half in DC! On top of that I'll get to meet up with my wonderful friend Cassie - awesomeness all around! Even though she'll probably finish something like an hour before me, it should still be an great running weekend. Spring seems so far away right now but I'm sure it will be here soon enough and I'll be freaking out about how out of shape I am.

Here's the course - looks interesting. It certainly can't be worse than the DC Hot Chocolate 15k!

Also, I'm not so secretly excited that the race is sponsored by Nuun, which I was recently introduced to and freaking love - it's all the benefits of Gatorade without the gross taste. Needless to say, I plan on consuming massive quantities of free Nuun during this weekend.

The best part is that at the end of the race you get a special Tiffany's necklace...handed to you by firemet in tuxedos! Oo la la! Here are the finisher's necklaces from the SF marathon - the DC half is a brand new race, can't wait to see what mine will look like.

In the meantime, I am bracing myself for the Last Run 5k through the Lights in the Park this Saturday night.

EDIT: You can read about my race here!

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