January 20, 2013

Sunday Style: Lemon Breeland on Hart of Dixie

Lemon Breeland

I've been looking for new things to watch on Netflix and as a result of my love for Once Upon a Time, Hart of Dixie was suggested. Since I love Young Adult fiction I'm not surprised by the fact that I have managed to watch the entire first season of this show in about 4 days, which is pretty impressive considering it's something like 22 episodes.

Lemon Breeland

Anyway, the show is set in the fictional town of Bluebelle, Alabama, some place that is supposedly just outside of Mobile and a few hours from New Orleans. I've been trying to go south for the past year and this has only reenforced my desire to move some place where the temperature does not drop below 50 in the winter. Everything is all sunny and cute. The women are always put together, proper, and bitches coated in sugar. There are always people dancing around the town square, community events, and you can walking to the Dixie Stop, or something like that, for a milkshake. What can I say? It's always been a dream to live in a town with one restaurant, especially if it's called the Rammer Jammer, if you know what I mean. Or not. Whatever, I'm still going south.

Lemon Breeland

My favorite character, style wise, on the show is Lemon Breeland. Lemon is your stereotypical Southern Belle. She always has her face on, her hair done, and a bevy of cute accessories. My friend Elyse, who is actually from Alabama, has informed me people really don't dress like this, but I refuse to let reality enter into my fantasy.

Lemon Breeland

Lemon Breeland

Lemon's Signature Style:

Vintage (and a bit Conservative): Lemon is often wearing vintage dresses, particularly those with interesting necklines and cuts. Very rarely does she wear dresses or skirts cut above knee-length.

Dresses (or a flowing blouse): When Lemon isn't wearing a dress, which is perhaps 25% of the time, she is either wearing a skirt or, on the occasion, vintage cut pants. If she is wearing pants she pairs them with a long sleeved blouse. Often Lemon's blouses and dresses have balloon sleeves, which is definitely not my preference, or some other interesting point of interest, like a tie at the neck. Even in jeans Lemon is feminine and classic.

Cardigans: She wear's them ALL the time! I'm not sure how this is possible, because the week I spent in New Orleans I was mostly dripping sweat and wanting to walk around naked, but I guess you adjust and need a sweater if you live down there full time? It's a mystery. Just as Lemon very rarely wears short skirts or dresses, she also rarely wears dresses that show a lot of skin. Often times if she has a lower neckline, she will also be wearing a cardigan. In fact, she's wearing a cardigan for 90% of the show. Bonus points for any sweaters that also have ruffles, sequins and/or sparkles.

Headbands: More often than not Lemon is wearing a headband or other hair accessory, such as a large flower clip, fascinator, or hat. Of course, her hair is always expertly coiffed, either curled at the shoulders, pulled into a chignon, or in a smooth ponytail. While probably won't be pulling the big-flower-behind-the-ear style off any time soon, I AM all about pinning a sparkly brooch into my hair or adding a sparkly headband.

Flats: One of the many reasons that I like Lemon's style is because she is almost always rocking flats. I love me a girl with sensible taste in shoes. Sorry, but I just can't run around all day in 4" heels, it's a skill I seriously doubt I'll ever master. When Lemon isn't wearing a cute pair of flats she has on a heel that is quite sparkly. My hero!

Chunky Jewelry:
You know all those chunk, squash-blossom-esque necklaces you've been seeing in J.Crew? Lemon thought of them first. If Lemon isn't wearing a chunky statement piece, she has on a traditional piece of jewelry, often a gold necklace. She often wears vintage clip on earrings (or at least that's what they seem to be to me).

Classic Makeup: Think 50s pinup. Neutral shadow on the eyes, black liner, often with a slight wing, and bright red matte lipstick. False lashes are a must. When Lemon isn't wearing a bright red she often has on a coral gloss.

Lemon Breeland

Tony already tells me I talk like an old lady, so I figure if I add a cardigan and a headband I'll fit in perfectly.

Here's my almost affordable take on Lemon's look. I say almost because I may have splurged a bit with my imaginary shoes, but whatevs, it's imaginary and sparkly shoes are a dime a dozen (not really, but you can definitely find a pair at Marshall's).

Lemon Breeland

Oh, and while I do love Lemon's style, I will not be wearing high waisted pants. Sorry, but I am not a 5'10" supermodel (unlike Jamie King, who plays her), nor am I a toothpick, so it's just not happening. Sequin sweaters? Yes. Pants that highlight the width of my thighs? No.


  1. Indeed, she does have fantastic style! Especially her heart patterned dress and gold glitter shoes outfit.

  2. I love Lemon's style. The clothes may be my favorite part of the show. Thanks for this post! :)


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