February 5, 2013

{Mani Monday} Polk-A-Dots: NAILED IT!

Is on a Tuesday!

So this week I was inspired by JustLove.ly Thing's Aloe and Gold Mani, where she paired an aloe colored polish (if you couldn't figure it out) with polk-a-dots she made by using a gold Sharpie.

Looks super cute, right?

I've had a mint colored Essie polish sitting on my shelf for ages and I thought this might be the perfect time to use it. I wasn't feeling super gold, so I got a silver Sharpie (that's a lie, I actually got a 3 pack of metallic Sharpies, including silver, gold, and copper - oh the possibilities!). And come on, could it get any more simple?

Apparently it could.

I used Absolutely Shore from Essie, which is more sheer than some of their other polishes. It's an ultra pale sea foam green. It took me 3 coats to get rid of all the streaks and make sure it was evenly opaque. The Sharpie had a nice, fine point on it so that went on wonderfully. Where things went horribly wrong was when I added a clear coat. Even though I waited a long ass time, it smeared my Sharpie all over the place! Fail.

So, what did we learn from this?

If you're using a Sharpie to draw a design on your nails put it over your top coat! Live and learn.


  1. this looks really cool! :)
    might have to give it a go myself ahaa


  2. I am actually a little disappointed by Sharpie! C'mon! ;)

    1. Seriously, it never comes off things I WANT it to come off of!

  3. I think it looks awesome! Sort of like rain drops =) I used the sharpie gold paint pen if that made a difference?? Stile looks great, thanks for sharing my post and for linking up xo

    1. Haha thanks! Maybe it just needed to dry longer? I'll have to experiment!

  4. very good to know! i would have made the same mistake :/

  5. Definitely want to try this out - and I totally would have put topcoat over the Sharpie so thanks for the heads up on that!!

  6. ooo love these too!! (I've been so into gold recently)


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