February 7, 2013

Time to Commit to Getting Fit!

Soon this will be my view!

We just booked our tickets to visit Tony's family in Florida over Easter. Considering we are supposed to get a Nor'easter for the next two days I am pretty excited to be thinking about bathing suits, sundresses, and long (warm!) runs outside. Unfortunately, I had this epiphany about 30 minutes after I downed a glass of wine and a slice of cheesecake. Oops. Time to recommit to working out!

Although I will end up doing all my shopping at Marshall's and TJ Maxx (because who am I to pass up a great deal?), here's my pie in the sky workout gear wishlist. I'm fairly set on yoga apparel and accessories, but I could definitely use some running and spinning gear. The benefit of running and spinning clothes is that they are generally great for any type of exercise, so I can also use them for yoga.

Fitness Fashion Wishlist

1. ProForm Hydration Belt - I got this belt for my mother for Christmas and I am fairly certain she has yet to use it. That being said, for less than $14, it is a lot less expensive than most hydration belts. It allows you to carry enough water to keep your comfortable on a long run, plus it has a pocket for your phone and keys (so I can ditch the Spiebelt). As soon as I get my mileage back up to warrant such a purpose I think I'll just suck it up and go for it.

2. Asics Gel Nimbus 14 Running Shoes - Oh Lord, how much do I want these sneakers?! THEY ARE MY DREAM SHOES. I have extremely high arches and am in desperate need of new running shoes. I've worn Asics for years because they are nice and roomy for people who have wide or slightly wide feet. However, I'm really needing some more arch support and the Nimbus is highly rated. As an added bonus that are flaming neon pink. Unfortunately, they are also $140. Super sad face.

3. Bell Gel Base Bicycle Sea Cover - My bottom is a delicate flower and needs the tender cushioning of a gel cover, at least for the first few weeks of spinning. Ok, maybe I don't need it, but it definitely makes things a lot more comfortable. I've found spinning to be fantastic when cross training for distance running and will be incorporating more into my workouts.

4. Under Armour Ultra 7" Compression Shorts - No, I do not have a crush on this model, although I would not mind her abs. I do, however, love longer shorts for spinning and running. I was not graced with slender thighs and when I engage in any kind of physical activity I feel like a freaking cricket rubbing my legs together, not to mention I get horrible rashes that even Body Glide cannot stop. Thus, longer shorts are the way to go, and UA's 7" compression shorts are the right length and have fantastic reviews. And, I suppose, they won't break the bank at $30...although they're still a bit of a stretch in my thrifty mind.

5. SKINS A200 Women's Compression 3/4" Tights - I really, really want some compression tights. Although I don't think they're going to make me a speedster, they really make long runs more comfortable and lessen recovery time. I have a pair of UA compression tights and they are really helpful, but not as supportive as I'd like, not to mention that considering the amount of running and sweating that I do I need more than one pair. People generally agree that the best on the market are either SKINS or CW-X tights. I've heard that the CW-X tights can run small and be a bit uncomfortable while the SKINS are more true to size. SKINS are a bit more expensive than CW-X tights ($105 vs. $90) and I can't say whether or not they are worth the price increase. Honestly, I'd be happy with either!

The objective of getting all of this (uh, and then using it) is

Because no one wants to hang out on the beach feeling like Jabba the Hut. I think we can all agree that Sexy Slave Bikini Princess Leia is a much better way to go. Right now I'm going to karate once a week and yoga twice a week, with a few inconsistencies. I'm supposed to be running a half marathon at the end of April so I'm going to start putting together a training schedule to gradually work up my stamina. I'm also going to throw in spinning once a week. My main concern is getting in shape so I don't die during the Nike Women's Half Marathon, but if I lose these last 10-12lbs (of the 30lbs I put on the first year Tony and I started dating!) then I'd be pretty happy.

And maybe we'll visit this place while we're in Florida!

Anyone else have any grad plans to get in shape or related New Year's Resolutions? How are they going?


  1. I'm still working towards my new years goal. With my marathon training officially starting it's time to get serious. Once the snow has melted we should run together!

    (ps your page looks great!)
    (pps - I get loads of compliments for your hat!)

    1. Yes! I am going to go run on an indoor track tomorrow. It's just so impossibly difficult to get motivated when it's so cold outside. I wish the temperature would stay about 30 because at this point that seems quite warm and balmy!


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