March 12, 2013

Inspiration Link Up! What's Inspiring You This Week?

Lately, I have a love of peaches. 

clockwise: Prabal Gurung Floral Pants; Peach Cake; Wedding Chicks; Italian Peach Cookies

Peach blossoms and beaches themselves, I love everything peach right now, so much so that I've even redone my blog in shades of peach! I think it's in part because I've been reading all sorts of southern living blogs, most recently A Happy Wife in New Orleans and A Sweet Georgia Peach (yum). Anyway, these blogs are full of sunshine, short sleeves and other things that make me think of warm weather. I can not think of anything else that means summer more than peach.

So, while I wait for the temperature to go up and flowers to bloom (yeah, I'm going to be waiting a while) I will just have to make do with peach smoothies from Fresh Market (I need to get rich just so I can afford to do my grocery shopping there there) and peach accessories. I'm particularly in love with these finds.

Fashion, design, beauty - what inspires YOU?

Did you post about something that inspires you think week? Share it with the rest of us! Everyone loves getting comments, so make sure to click over to some of the other links and say hi! <3



  1. Oh dear. That watch.

  2. I love peach too, the colour and the fruit! The cake looks absolutely wonderful... might have to experiement and see if I can make something that looks similar. so gorgeous!

    1. I know, right!? It looks so delicious. Also, please correct me if I am wrong, but do you not allow comments on your blog? I can't find a link to comment, am I just being slow?


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